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Elsinore Valley Baseball


EVB will form teams for each of the following baseball divisions pending on the number of registered players: Filly (T-Ball), Shetland, Pinto Machine-Pitch, Pinto Kid-Pitch, Mustang, Bronco and the Pony Division.  Teams will be filed on a first-come, first-serve basis, so register early to secure your spot.  EVB League-teams will interleague with Menifee Pony teams so you won't have to go far for your "away" games.   Some older divisions may also interleague with other nearby leagues.

Filly Division (3-5 year olds) is designed for our youngest players to learn the basic skills of baseball using specially designed (level-1) safety ball.  All players play and the entire roster bats each inning.  Scores and standings are not kept and every child receives a trophy at the end of our spring program.   Each player may hit from coach-pitch at the coach's discretion, or hit from the batting tee. First time 5 year-old players are recommend to play the Filly division. First time 6 year olds may also play Filly. 
Shetland Division (4-6 year olds) is the introduction to competitive yet fun baseball, while continuing the steps of advancement in skills development.  Shetland players will hit off of machine pitching, allowing them to learn to hit a consistent pitched ball at a young age.  A specially designed (level-5) safety ball is used in this division.  Playoffs and all-stars all begin at the Shetland Division.  Returning 5 year-olds are recommended to play the Shetland division.   At this level, there is no real difference between baseball and softball so the Shetland Division is also recommended for 5-6 year old girls who plan to continue on into softball later.

Pinto Machine-Pitch Division (6-7 year olds) is machine-pitch (approx. 38mph) baseball.  Players play on 60 foot base paths.  Batters receive up to 5 pitches, or 3 strikes, whichever comes first.  There are no walks.  Bunting is not allowed.  Scores, standings and playoffs are included in this division. 
Pinto Kid-Pitch Division (7-8 year olds) is kid-pitch baseball.  Players play on 60 foot base paths and pitch from 40 feet.  There are no "walks", at ball-4 batters a coach will take over the strike count.  Base stealing is allowed at this level once the pitch crosses the plate.  Bunting is not allowed.  Scores, standings and playoffs are included in this division. 
Mustang Division (8-10 year olds) marks the start of players playing “The COMPLETE Game” of baseball.  At this level, kids play on 60-foot base paths and pitch from 46 feet.  Holding runners, balks, leading off, base stealing and bunting are all part of the game.

Bronco Division (10-12 year olds) has players on 70-foot base paths and pitching from 50 feet.  They play the complete game of baseball under major league, PONY league and local league rules. 
Pony Division (12-15 year olds) has players on 80-foot base paths and pitching from 54 feet, bridging the gap from the younger divisions to high school baseball and making it very popular among players who wish to play in high school. 
Colt and Palomino Divisions (15-19) are combined to create teams with high school players ranging in age from 15 to 19.  EVB does not currently offer this division but we do recommend registering with our neighbor league, Menifee Pony.  MPB plays in a highly competitive 10+ team Colt/Palomino league with teams from Temecula and Murrieta.  MLB rules and MLB regulation field dimensions are used.  Unlike other divisions, the Colt/Palomino league is even more popular in the fall season when high school ball players are able to join, creating even more teams and a very high level of competition. 

SIBA Division is for travel baseball teams to participate in a league consisting only of travel teams from Elsinore, Menifee, Temecula, French Valley and Murrieta Pony baseball leagues.  The SIBA Division (Southwest Interleague Baseball Alliance) plays every spring season, and sometimes in the fall.  8u-14u travel teams can register with EVB to play in the SIBA Division.  Visit the Alliance (SIBA) Division page for more details.