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Sep, 2021

Covid Protocols

Our Objective: 
The safety between players, coaches, volunteers & spectators are our top priority. We are eager to return to Glenn Hoops and the YAAB but, we must be diligent in our approach to ensure health and safety for all of us. As a community, we all play a role in keeping everyone safe. We are counting on everyone to contribute by ensuring the health and safety guidelines are met

Facilities and Equipment:
Clean, sanitize and disinfect frequently touched surfaces multiple times a day.
Extra time in between games, to allow for sanitizing the gym, equipment, and surrounding spaces.
Verify that all ventilation systems continue to operate properly.
Maintain a supply of disinfectant spray, sanitizer, and extra masks.
- Signs showing  separate entrances and exits to/from the building

Monitoring Illness:
- Adhere to CDC guidelines if player, staff, or family members tests positive for Covid-19, and notify Glenn Recreation Director immediately. 
-Advise the parents and/or staff not to return until they have met CDC guidelines and criteria to discontinue home isolation
-Glenn Recreation will 
notify volunteers, coaches, and parents immediately in the event there is a confirmed case of Covid-19, while also maintaining privacy and confidentiality. 

-Masks are required for everyone at all times covering both their nose and mouth regardless of their vaccination status while inside the Youth Activities and After school Building.
- No food will be allowed in the Youth Activities and After school building
- When players are participating during game time, and masks need to be removed for water. go a minimum of 6 feet away from other individual, and put on mask immediately after.
- No outside basketballs. 

-Hand gel is available at the entrance to sanitize your hands before entering into the gymnasium.
-Social distancing of 6 feet apart per recommendation of CDC guidelines to be followed when possible  
-After game is played, exit as soon as possible to allow time for cleaning, and sanitizing of the space, and equipment.
- Hygiene practices ( coughing/sneezing etiquette, handwashing, cleaning spaces & equipment) will be promoted consistently.

In addition, Players: 
-No water fountain usage, unless emergencies
-No outside basketballs
-No food
- Try to limit equipment that is brought with you to only what is essential. 

Field Status

Open Open

Glenn Memorial Youth and Activities Building (08:13 PM | 11/30/23)