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Dec, 2018

Register for our Annual Big Red Classic Tournament

31st Annual “Big Red Classic” Pennsylvania Youth Wrestling  Top 100 Tournament, SUNDAY, February 3, 2019
Register online at


Aug, 2016

Why your child should consider wrestling...

Good read on the benefits of wrestling for kids!


Nov, 2015

Beat The Streets

What wrestling does for kids.


Nov, 2015

Why Cael's kids will wrestle

Cael Sanderson, Head Coach of Penn State Wrestline Team and Olympic Champ blogs about why his kids will wrestle.


Jan, 2015

Tools to Overcome Match Stress

Just as it is important to be physically prepared to play youth sports it is equally important for youth athletes to be mentally prepared to handle the pressure.


Jan, 2015

Nutrition is key to High Preformace

Nutrition is a key contributor to performance. And it’s one that is often overlooked for athletes of all ages. The building blocks of good nutrition start with just good instincts. Starting from a young age, you probably knew not to eat certain things before a game, or to not eat too much because it’s hard to digest before the game starts.


Nov, 2014

Protecting the Head

Youth sports might not seem as dangerous as professional sports, but there are physical risks none the less. Safety precautions should be taken in every sport, and at Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive.


Oct, 2014

Dehydration the enemy of wrestling

The quickest way to lose weight is through dehydration. In spite of rules designed to prevent unsafe weight cutting, many wrestlers still use dehydration to lose weight. The problem with this approach is that dehydration hurts performance and prevents wrestlers from winning.


Sep, 2014

Why wrestling is a family sport

When Clarence Long heads to wrestling practice he knows one thing for certain: His role as coach is about more than just teaching athletes, it’s about interacting with families. "I love it," says Long, who is the head coach of the Hustle & Muscle Mat Club, a non-profit youth organization based in Washington, D.C.


Sep, 2014

Positive Parent's in Sports

It is important to be supportive and respectful, not only of your child, but also of the others on the team and of the coaches. As a parent, you have the power to help shape your youth athlete’s attitude about sports.  It’s natural to get excited when watching your child compete but it is important to keep your emotions in check on the big day.
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