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Grassland Basketball League

Grassland Basketball is a recreational youth basketball league with teams for both boys and girls from ages 5 through 17 and operates under the umbrella of the Williamson County Parks and Recreation (WCPR) department's county-wide youth basketball leagues. 

Practices (2 per week in pre-season and 1 per week during the season) usually are held at the public schools within the Grassland community (i.e., Grassland Middle, Grassland Elementary, Hunters Bend Elementary, Scales Elementary, Walnut Grove Elementary, or Franklin High).  Games for the younger divisions are also generally played in the Grassland community schools, but older divisions and some games in the younger divisions MAY play some games throughout the County.

If you are interested in coaching, or after reading this page, you need more information, please contact Chris McElhiney at [email protected]


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Final League Standings - 8u boys/girls; 10u boys/girls, 12u/14u boys only

League Standings - all other age groups

GAA In-House Tournament Brackets  February 11-17 
(subject to change due to inclement weather or other forces outside of GAAs control)
    8U Boys
     8U Girls
     10U Boys
     10U Girls
     12U Boys
     14U Boys

WCPR County Tournament Brackets  February 11-24   

League Schedule

  • Registration will open soon
  • Sunday, October 7 - Mandatory player evaluations and coaches meetings (more information to come soon)
  • Tuesday, October 23 - Registration closes
  • October 26-28 - Teams will be formed in all age groups
  • November 3 - Practices begin
  • December 1 - Games begin
  • February 23 - Season is over   note: inclement weather may push things back to ending March 1
2018-2019 WCYBL Rules
League-wide rules
WCYBL Quick Reference
High school basketball rules that are commonly misunderstood

Game Schedules

Recreational League

  • For the 5/6 division, we try to honor requests and place players by school.
  • Teams in ages 7-14 boys/girls  may only protect two (2) players: The child of the Head Coach and the child of the Assistant Coach
  • If a Head Coach does not have a designated Assistant Coach at the time of the draft, they may only protect their child but will pick before teams that have two (2) protected players
  • There will be no other protected player carry overs (e.g. protecting an additional player because they played for you last year in the same age group)
  • The resulting draft will utilize a point system in an attempt to promote as much parity among teams as possible
  • For the 17u division we do allow bring your own teams however GAA reserves the right to ask teams to take additional free agents to fill out rosters.
  • The cost for the 5/6 division is $150.  All other recreational divisions are $160 and the Open division teams are $165.

Open League (10U Boys and Girls and 12U & 14U Boys divisions ONLY)

  • Coaches that wish to bring their own team may do so but will be required to play in the WCPR Open League
  • Open League teams will consist of 7-10 players
  • Open league player must pay an additional $5.00 per player and those funds will be collected by the coach.


  • Trades between teams in the Recreational League will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Most trades will only be approved if the players involved were evaluated with the same grade but, even then, only on a case-by-case basis
  • Any trade must be proposed at the end of the draft and before the coaches leave the draft venue
  • Any trade will be reviewed and either approved or denied by the Basketball Committee
  • The Basketball Committee, in rare circumstances, reserves the right to initiate a trade

In-House Tournament

  • At the sole discretion of the Basketball Committee, a two-bracket tournament may be instituted in one or more age-group divisions to encourage more competitive tournaments
  • If a two-bracket tournament is instituted, only the winner of the A Bracket Tournament will advance to the WCPR County Tournament
    County Tournament
  • The winner of the GAA In-House Tournament (or the winner of the GAA In-House A Bracket Tournament) will automatically advance to the WCPR A Bracket County Tournament
  • The winner of the GAA Regular Season will automatically advance to the WCPR B Bracket County Tournament

Tie Breakers

  • Winning %
  • Head-to-head results
  • Cumulative point differential (capped at 20 points per game)
  • Coin Flip
  • If the winner of the GAA In-House Tournament (or the winner of the GAA In-House A Bracket Tournament) is the same as the winner of the GAA Regular Season, then the runner-up of the GAA In-House Tournament (or the runner-up of the GAA In-House A Bracket Tournament) will automatically advance to the WCPR B Bracket County Tournament

Games & Practices

  • There will generally be two (2) practices per week until games start
  • Games are generally played on Saturdays and teams have one (1) regularly scheduled practice in each game week
  • Most age groups play 8 and at least one game in the GAA league tournament

Schedule & Calendar

GAA generally follows the Williamson County Schools calendar.  If school is out (for weather, vacations, holidays, or otherwise), teams will generally not have a scheduled activity.

We are always looking for volunteers.  If you want to coach a team in the 2018-2019, please register your child early and indicate your willingness to volunteer within the registration system.

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