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Child Abuse Prevention Policy


As a youth sports organization, Elburn Baseball & Softball (“EBS”) strongly opposes all potentially abusive behavior directed at children, whether sexual, physical, verbal or otherwise. To minimize the potential for abuse occurring in the scope of league activities, EBS has the following general guidelines in place:

Parental Attendance – Parents are strongly encouraged to attend all EBS games, practices and other events with their child(ren). We recognize there are special circumstances that could require the parent to miss an event. In such circumstances, we recommend that parents inform the head coach of their absence.

Background Checks – Each year, EBS will require all adult persons who will have more than incidental contact with players to undergo a background check conducted by an outside independent firm. The decision about whether to approve a prospective volunteer remains within the discretion of the EBS Board of Directors. The Board reserves the right to deny a volunteer application or revoke an approved volunteer’s status at any time and for any reason.

Monitoring of Fields – Playing and practicing as we do in large, open, outdoor public spaces, it is not easy to control access to our players. It is the policy of EBS that all coaches and other volunteers should be vigilant for unknown individuals and report any suspicious behavior to an EBS board member or local authorities.

Restroom Usage – Most of our players are capable of using the restroom facilities without assistance. For younger players, such as those in Tee Ball, our aim is to ensure adequate privacy for that child when using the facilities. We strongly recommend that an adult or older sibling accompany younger children to the restroom facilities.
Despite our best efforts to prevent child abuse it can still happen. In the unfortunate instance where abuse is suspected and/or reported, EBS will take the following steps:

Reporting – Any individual suspecting child abuse of any sort within the league should report it immediately to law enforcement, then to the EBS Board of Directors. League volunteers should not attempt to investigate suspected abuse on their own.

Investigating – The EBS Board will appoint an individual or individuals with appropriate and significant professional background(s) to work in conjunction with the Board to conduct a confidential investigation into the abuse allegations if they involve EBS personnel or volunteers. These individuals will ensure that all appropriate law enforcement agencies are notified of the allegation and act as the league’s liaison with said agencies.

Suspension and/or Termination of Volunteers – When an allegation of abuse is made against an EBS volunteer, it is the duty of the league to protect the child(ren) from any possible further abuse by keeping the alleged abuser away from children in the program. To accomplish this, any volunteer accused of abuse against a child will be placed on suspension while the allegation is investigated. If the allegation is substantiated, the league will take appropriate disciplinary action against the individual, which may include a permanent ban on participating in or volunteering for league activities.
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