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The Training Center Indoor Hockey Series


Hello All!

If you have not registered your clubs and teams in the past, we will be asking you - the club owner, coach, or administrator - to register as the “primary contact.” The primary contact is in charge of scheduling all tournaments for their club. You will then add each of your club teams individually to your primary contact account as a "PLAYER". From there, it is just a matter of selecting which dates and age groups for which you wish to register your club teams. With our new system, you can easily check out using a credit card or elect to pay by check.

Below is a step-by-step guide to instruct you on how to register yourself as the club contact, create teams, register your teams for tournaments, and make payment. We have tried to make these instructions as clear and simple as possible, but feel free to contact us at 610-495-9578 with any questions during weekday business hours (9am - 5pm). You may email our tournament coordinator Jen at [email protected] for questions after 5pm and on weekends.

Tournaments held at the Training Center will run with efficiency and ease as we have aimed for over the past several years and, as always,are sanctioned by USA Field Hockey.

Thank you,
The Training Center Staff

Let's Get Started!

Please use this step-by-step guide to create your new primary contact account as well as your club team accounts which will then allow you to register your teams for their respective tournament age groups and dates.

Go to and click on “REGISTER” in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

When you click Create Account, you will be asked to pick a registration type. Here you will choose "Register My Players".

IMPORTANT: For the purposes of Tournament Registration, whenever you see the words "Players" or "Kids", it means "Teams". 

Complete Account Holder Information

This can be your home address or club address

Be sure to include your cell phone number as we will send text alerts for cancellations due to weather.

Adding an additional account holder is optional. You may include this if you wish to have another club owner, coach or administrator receive information as well.

How Many Teams?

Remember, KIDS means TEAMS!! When you choose the number of teams, you will be asked to provide First Names. These should be the TEAM NAME(s). For example: U14 Black.

On the next page, you will fill out info for each Team.

The last name should be the CLUB NAME. For example: Thundercats FHC.
Gender and date of birth do not matter so put anything in for that.

Note: You are able to change team names and add or delete teams in your account later on.


Available Tournaments (Activities)

This is where you will select dates for each team. The name of your team will appear at the top of the tournament registration list. To select a date, click the "SELECT" button for that tournament. The tournaments are listed in a horizontal carousel, so you will have to use the right arrow to scroll through all the available dates. Be sure to choose tournaments that are the same age group as the team you are registering.

Once you have selected your age groups and dates for all of your teams, click “Continue” and it will take you to a summary of your order. Here it will display your selections by team name as well as the Total Due Today. Please check that the tournament dates and age groups correspond with the correct team name. If you need to make any changes, click “Back”.

Once you have verified that your cart is correct, click “Continue”.

Time to Check Out

Then simply complete the checkout process. 

If you wish to pay by credit card, please be sure to verify the billing address, and then enter your credit card information into the “Payment Information” section.

If you wish to pay by check, mailing information is provided.