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Sep, 2015


On behalf of Mayor Craig Wilkie, Members of Council and the Florence Township Administration, we are pleased to announce that we will be launching the online registration option for families interested in registering their children for youth activities offered in Florence Township.

 Over the course of this past year, we have reviewed various templates that would be user friendly, but also having the capabilities to hold various features making the site a resource for the leagues and families to enjoy.  Each recreation program will now have their own website to provide information about the program including league schedules, contact information and news & updates.  In the event of inclement weather or other reasons where an activity or facility use may be cancelled, there will be an option where email and/or text alerts may be sent to registered players families.  We feel that adding these additional layers of communication will be helpful for everyone involved in the programs.

Once you've registered your child for a recreation program, you will have created a user name & password, so as you visit the site for future registrations, much of your basic information will already be stored.

As a municipality, we will now have the ability to compile data in order to observe overall registration numbers, participation numbers based on age groups and other reports that will be beneficial in supporting the maintenance and growth of the recreation programs.  If you should have any questions regarding the online registration process or general questions about our programs, please contact the Florence Township Recreation Department any time.


Marty Eckert, Recreation Coordinator

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