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Butler Figure Skating Academy


Once you’ve mastered the basics. Join us in the Butler Figure Skating Academy to take your skills to the next level! Students in the academy learn advanced spins and jumps while preparing for ice shows and regional competitions. 

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 Class levels

Free skate 1
A. Advanced forward stroking

B. Basic forward outside and forward inside consecutive edges (4-6)

C. Advanced back outside three-turns clockwise and counterclockwise (R and L)

D. Scratch spin from back crossovers – three revolutions minimum

E. Waltz jump – from 2-3 back crossovers

F. Half flip

Free skate  2
A. Basic back outside and back inside consecutive edges (4-6)

B. Forward outside and forward inside spirals, clockwise and counter clockwise (R and L)

C. Continuous forward progressive chasse sequence – clockwise and counterclockwise

D. Waltz threes, R and L

E. Beginning back spin – two turns

F. Waltz jump, side toe hop, waltz jump sequence

G. Toe loop

Free skate 3
A. Forward and backward crossovers in figure 8 pattern

B. Waltz 8

C. Advanced forward consecutive swing rolls (4-6)

D. Backward inside three-turn: R and L

E. Backspin with free foot in crossed leg position – three revolutions minimum

F. Salchow

G. Half Lutz jump

H. Waltz jump-toe loop combo or Salchow-toe loop combination sequence on a circle – clockwise and counterclockwise

Free skate  4
A. Spiral sequence: FI spiral, FI Mohawk, BO Spiral – clockwise and counterclockwise

B. Forward power three-rurns: R and L

C. Continuous backward progressive, chasse sequence on a circle – clockwise and counterclockwise

D. Sit spin – three revolutions

E. Loop jump

F. Waltz jump-loop jump combination

Free skate 5
A. Backward outside three-turn, Mohawk into three backward crossovers – repeat three times clockwise and counterclockwise

B. Spiral sequence – Forward outside spiral, forward outside three-turn, one backward crossover, back inside spiral: clockwise and counterclockwise

C. Forward outside slide chasse swing roll sequence – 3–6 times, alternating feet

D. Camel spin – three revolutions minimum

E. Forward upright spin to back scratch spin – three revolutions, each foot

F. Loop/loop combination

G. Flip jump

H. Waltz jump-falling leaf-toe loop jump sequence

Free skate 6
A. Alternating back crossovers to back outside edges

B. Five-step Mohawk sequence – clockwise and counterclockwise

C. Camel-sit spin combination – four revolutions total

D. Split jump or stag jump

E. Waltz jump-half loop-Salchow

F. Lutz jump

G. Axel – walk through, preparation, jump

Axel does not need to be landed to pass this test.

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