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Theisen's Learn to Skate

At Theisen's Learn To Skate, we love ice skating and we want you to love it, too! That's why our classes are filled with fun, and taught by professional instructors using curriculum developed by the United States Figure Skating Association and endorsed by USA Hockey.  We offer traditional classes as well as ones for preschoolers and for hockey players.

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Scroll down to view curriculum details for all of our classes.

Basic Skills class levels (ages 5+) 

Basic 1
A. Sit on ice and stand up
B. March forward across the ice
C. Forward two-foot glide
D. Dip
E. Forward swizzles – 6–8 in a row
F. Backward wiggles – 6–8 in a row
G. Snowplow stop
H. Rocking horse – 2–3
I. Two-foot hop in place (optional)

Basic 2
A. Forward one foot glides – R and L
B. Backward two-foot glide
C. Backward swizzles – 6–8 in a row
D. Two-foot turn from forward to backward in place
E. Moving snowplow stop
F. Forward alternating half swizzle pumps, in a straight line (slalom-like pattern) 

Basic 3
A. Forward stroking, showing correct use of blade
B. Forward half swizzle pumps on a circle – 6–8 consecutive clockwise and counterclockwise
C. Moving forward to backward two-foot turn – clockwise and counterclockwise
D. Backward one-foot glides – R and L
E. Forward slalom
F. Two-foot spin – up to two revolutions

Basic 4
A. Forward outside edge on a circle – R and L
B. Forward inside edge on a circle – R and L
C. Forward crossovers, clockwise and counterclockwise
D. Forward outside three-turn, R and L from a stand-still position
E. Backward half swizzle pumps on a circle, clockwise and counterclockwise
F. Backward stroking
G. Backward snowplow stop – R and L 

Basic 5
A. Backward outside edge on a circle – R and L
B. Backward inside edge on a circle – R and L
C. Backward crossovers, clockwise and counterclockwise
D. Beginning one-foot spin – up to three revs, optional entry and free-foot position
E. Hockey stop
F. Side toe hop – both directions

Basic 6
A. Forward inside three-turn – R and L from a standstill position
B. Moving backward to forward two-foot turn on a circle, clockwise and counterclockwise
C. T-stop – R or L
D. Bunny hop
E. Forward spiral on a straight  

Basic 7
A. Forward inside open Mohawk from a standstill position – R to L and L to R
B. Backward outside edge to forward outside edge transition on a circle – R and L
C. Ballet jump – R and L
D. Backward crossovers to a backward outside edge glides (landing position), clockwise and counterclockwise
E. Forward inside pivots – R or L

Basic 8
A. Moving forward outside three-turn on a circle – R and L
B. Moving forward inside three-turn on a circle – R and L
C. Combination move: Forward crossovers (2) into forward inside Mohawk, cross behind, step into backward crossover (1) and step to forward inside edge
D. One-foot upright spin, optional entry and free-foot position
E. Waltz jump
F. Mazurka – R and L 

Tot class levels (ages 3-4)

 Snowplow Sam 1
A. Sit and stand up with skates on – off Ice
B. Sit and stand up – on Ice
C. March in place
D. March forward – 8–10 steps
E. March, then glide on two feet
F. Dip in place

Snowplow Sam 2
A. March followed by a long glide
B. Dip while moving
C. Backward wiggles – six in a row
D. Rocking horse – one forward, one backward swizzle action
E. Forward two-foot swizzles – 2-3 in a row
F. Two-foot hop in place (optional)

Snowplow Sam 3
A. Forward skating – 8–10 steps
B. Forward one-foot glide – R and L
C. Forward swizzles – 4–6 in a row
D. Backward swizzles – 4–6 in a row
E. Forward snowplow stop with skid
F. Curves

Hockey class levels

Hockey 1
A. Falling and Recovery
B. Proper Forward and Backward Stance
C. March Forward across the ice, 8-10 steps
D. March Forward with 2 foot glides and dips
E. Stationary Snowplow Stop
F. Rocking Horse
G. Forward swizzles (2 to 4 in a row)
H. Front to Back and Back to Front turns (Stationary)
I. T-Push R,then glide on two feet on line, T-Push Left, then glide on two feet on line
J. Backward March or Wiggle 

Hockey 2
A. Forward swizzles (4 to 6 in a row)- Driving Power from heels using a wider stance
B. Alternating Forward C-Cuts on a Straight Line
C. T-Push, glide on right foot, hold 2-4 seconds on a straight line, Repeat with left foot
D. Scooting or Skateboard push, on circle (R&L)
E. Gliding two foot turn on line- Forward to Backward. Backward to forward
F. Backwards March then glide on two feet
G. Backward Swizzles (2 to 4 in a row)
H. Backward snowplow stop
I. Alternating Backward C-Cuts in a straight line
J. Two foot moving Snowplow Stop

  Hockey 3
A. One foot snowplow stop- Introduce hips with 1/4 turn twist to hockey stop
B. Full strides using 45 degree V-Push with good recovery using alternating arm drive
C. Shuffle stride- explosive powerful alternating heel pushes
D. Backwards hustle (quick skating with arms driving)
E. Backward C-Cuts or power pushes on circle/backward outside edge glide on a circle
F. Forward C-Cuts on circle small/C-push glide on small circle
G. Forward outside/inside edges on half circles/alternating inside edges down the line
H. Gliding 2 foot turn on circle facing upper body out and inside of circle
I. Lateral Crossover March 

 Hockey 4
A. Shuffle Stride vary tempo and edge quality/quick shallow edge pumps & slow deep edge pumps
B. Forward Crossovers on circle R&L
C. Forward Alternating Crossovers down the length of the ice with wide step transitions
D. Forward Power-turns 180 degrees & 360 turns will need C-cuts for 360 degrees
E. Hockey Stops
F. Quick Starts with V starts off the ball of the foot
G. Backwards Hustle with quick V-stops and alternating R&L Backward stops
H. Backward crossovers on circle R&L
I. Backward alternating crossovers down ice with wide step transitions
J. Forward to Backward Pivot Turn/Backward to Forward Pivot turn (Mohawk)

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