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T-Ball League Rules

Revised 3/9/15


        Same as Little League Baseball with the following exceptions.

Playing Field

        Game time is 5:45 pm on weekdays.

        Baselines are approximately 55 feet apart.  When field has 55’ base pegs, they should be used.

        Pitching rubber is 35 feet from home plate.

        The pitcher is a fielding position, the pitcher must stand with both feet on the pitching

rubber until the ball is hit, he/she can then move off of it to make the play.

        There will be a 5 foot arc from baseline to baseline.


        Rubber baseball shoes or tennis shoes must be worn at all times. (No open toed shoes)

        No metal spikes allowed.

        All players must wear a team uniform consisting of a cap and team shirt.

        All players must provide their own gloves.


        A team may play with a minimum of 7 players.

        All players will bat and all players will field.

        Both pitchers and catchers are required to wear a helmet for their safety.


        A complete game will consist of 3 innings played, or one hour. Whichever comes first.

        Any inning started will be completed.

        An inning will be considered over after everyone has batted.

        No official score will be kept.

        It will be both coaches responsibility to work with the schedule coordinator to reschedule


Coach Responsibilities

        Home team must set up field.

        Home team is to provide game ball, tee, and bases. It is the responsibility of the home

team to set up the field.

        The offensive coach will place the ball on the tee and start play for every batter by calling

“Play Ball”.

        The coach is responsible for keeping the catcher at a safe distance from the batter.

Ball in Play

        The ball must be hit a minimum of 5 feet from home plate to be considered “in play”. If

the ball does not exceed this distance, then it shall be repitched/ placed on the tee for

another swing.

        There will be no stealing or advancing on an overthrow.

        Anyone making an out will be removed from the bases.

        Number of outs does not constitute an inning, everyone will bat.

        If the ball is hit past the infield players, base runners may advance 1 extra base at their

own risk (or at their coach’s discretion) without passing up a base runner in front of

them. The base runners shall stop advancing when the ball reaches the infield again.


        All players will bat in each of the three innings (time allowed)

        All batters will hit off the tee for all three innings.

        As of May 23rd the following will be in effect for all batters. First inning: all players

will hit off the tee, 2nd and 3rd inning: Batter will have the option of hitting off the tee or be

pitched a maximum of 3 pitches (underhand or overhand) by the offensive coach. If the

batter is unable to hit one of the 3 pitches then the tee must be used.

        A maximum of 3 pitches will be strictly enforced unless the player fouls of the 3rd pitch,

the batter will be pitched another ball.

        It is the responsibility of the coach to place the tee with the ball on home plate following

the third missed pitch.

        If a bat is thrown, there will be a warning issued to the team. Anyone on the team

throwing a second will be ruled out even if the ball is hit in play.

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