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 Boys Instructional League Rules

Rev. 2/25/15

Behavior of Coaches, Team Members, Families, and Their Guests

·         All Managers, Assistant Managers, Team Members, Families, and their guests are subject to the EYBSL Baseball Codes of Conduct.

·         Any disputes must be arbitrated in a positive, sportsmanlike, fashion. Improper behavior, foul language, and disrespect for umpires will not be tolerated (this includes parents and spectators). If improper behavior persists in a game the head coach of the offending person will be ejected and subject to further disciplinary by the EYBSL Board.

·         The coach is responsible for his team’s spectators and behavior during the game.

Playing Area and Equipment

·         Playing area is an imaginary line from backstop, running parallel to 1st and 3rd base foul line.

·         Playing field is the area bounded by home plate down each foul line

·         Base distance is 55 to 60 feet.

·         Pitching rubber distance is 42 feet. Only little league 2 ¼” barrel bats are allowed. No big barrel bats.

·         Area behind backstop is off limits to everyone.

Regulation Game

·         Five innings per game.  All games will have a one (1) hour and forty five (45) minute time limit from the original scheduled start time. No inning may be started after one (1) hour and forty five (45) minute from the original scheduled start time; the next inning starts when the final out is made in the prior inning. This rule applies whether or not a game is to be played on the field following the game in progress. This rule also applies to restarting an inning after a rain or weather delay; a delayed inning may not be restarted after one (1) hour and forty five (45) minute from the original scheduled start time. If rain, darkness or weather ends a game prior to 3 complete innings of play the game will be suspended. If the game is called after 3 innings the game will be ruled complete.

Minimum Team

·         A minimum team will consist of 8 players. No out shall be recorded in the ninth batting position if only 8 players are present at a game. If more players arrive after the game begins they will be added to the end of the batting order. Teams without 8 players by 10 minutes past the scheduled start time shall forfeit the game.  We would encourage that a practice/fun game still be played to avoid having to make up the game at a later date.  A team may use a player from the league below, but in no case may that player pitch or play catcher.  In no case may a player not registered with EYBSL play as a walk-on. Call up players must wear the team uniform of their full-time team.  A team cannot call up a player if that player’s full-time team has a game scheduled at the same time.  All call up player must bat last.

Inclement Weather/Suspended Games/Rescheduled Games

·         Both team managers shall not permit a game to begin or continue if the field and/or weather present a threat to the safety of the players. The presence of lightning or inclement weather shall result in the suspension of any game immediately at the discretion of the managers. The game or practice will not resume until the threat of lightning or inclement weather has subsided for at least 20 minutes. If a game is cancelled, postponed, rained out, etc., it is the responsibility of the home team manager to notify the Instructional League Commissioner, immediately, for rescheduling.

·         Rainouts should be rescheduled as soon as possible on a date agreed to by both coaches. Both coaches should work directly with the schedule coordinator to reschedule rainouts.

Lineup/Playing Requirements

·         All players on the team will be placed in the batting order and bat. The batting order will be maintained throughout the game.

·         Coaches may substitute freely on defense.

·         All players must play at least four innings if they are present at the start of the game. Each player must play at least two innings in the infield.

·         No player can play more than 2 innings at one position per game.

·         Courtesy runner for catcher after 2 outs (last out).

·         No player can sit on the bench for more than 2 consecutive innings.

·         Any late arriving players will be added to the bottom of the batting order and announced to the opposing team.

Game Results Reporting

·         No scores will be reported to the league. Scorekeeping should only be used to insure that the maximum of 5 runs are scored per inning.

Runs Scored

·         Innings 1-5 are finished when 3 outs or a maximum of 5 runs are made, whichever occurs first. There is no unlimited runs inning.


·         Two coaches from the defensive team are allowed on the field

·         Each team is allowed 10 players defensively, outfield consist of LF, LCF, RCF, RF (no short center)

·         Catchers may use catcher’s mitt, but it is not required.

·         It is mandatory that catchers wear full protective gear, including cup protection, while catching. The game will be forfeited if one team is unable to play a catcher without cup protection.

·         Catchers cannot intentionally block the whole plate without the ball.  The runner must be given the opportunity to touch the base. 

·         A defensive player cannot promote contact by intentionally impeding a runner. 

·         The player playing pitcher must be within 5 feet of the pitching rubber and to the opposite side of the batter.

Coach Pitch

·         Coaches pitch overhand to their own players, to the opposing catcher. Every effort should be made to be as close to the pitching rubber as possible.

·         Players will be given seven pitches to put the ball in play.  One extra pitch per batter will be allowed if the pitch from the coach is unhittable. 

·         Batter is out if he fails to put the ball in play within seven pitches.

·         Exception:  If the batter fouls their last pitch, he gets another pitch. This continues until the batter swings and misses at a pitch.

Batting/Ball in Play

·         On deck batter must be on same side of the plate as batter.  

·         Any ball that hits the pitcher/coach is still a ball in play. Every effort should be made by the coach/pitcher to get out of the way of a live ball in play.

·         There is no advancing on overthrows, whether in or out of the playing field.  The purpose of this rule is to not penalize players for attempting to make a play on a runner.

·         On hits to the outfield (past base path), runners may advance at own risk until ball enters the infield area (imaginary line running from first base to second base to third base).  If the runner is less than half way to the next base, he will be moved back to the previous base. If he is over half way to the next base he can advance at his own risk. 

·         No lead offs are allowed.

·         No stealing is allowed.

·         No bunting is allowed.

·         Sliding: The base runner must slide to avoid contact when a play is pending. The offensive or defensive player that promotes avoidable contact will be ruled against. Sliding is always deemed as an attempt to avoid contact

·         Intentionally throwing equipment (helmets or bats) are grounds for dismissal from the game.     

·         Throwing bats: 1st time team – warning. 2nd time team will result in an out. 

·         No drop third strike rule.

·         No infield fly rule.

Coach Responsibilities

·         Sportsmanship with healthy competition is to be stressed.  It is the expectation of the EYBSL Board that our coaches model the EYBSL Code of Conduct at all practices and games.  We expect them also to hold their parents accountable for their behavior at practices and games also.

·         The home team must provide 2 new game balls to the home plate umpire.

·         Coaches meet prior to start of each game to discuss field of play rules, and any field circumstances.

·         Home team is responsible for putting the bases and mound away if it is the last game of the day. Also, rake up around the bases and mound after every game.

·         Please clean up trash in dugout and around field. The players should be encouraged to help. 

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