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Aug, 2017


Conflict Formula:


ODP is designed to supplement club training. However, there are times that there are conflicts.  MYSA (ODP) works closely with our clubs and follow these guidelines:

·        ODP training takes precedence over club practice

·        Club games take precedence over ODP training

·        ODP game(s) take precedence over club practice

·        A club game takes precedence over an ODP friendly game

·        ODP tournament (Sub-Regional) game(s) takes precedence over a club games and

·        tournament

·        Region IV games/events takes precedence over ODP and Club games and events

Unlike most states Montana has traveling tournament teams. They do not fit into this formula because they carry no weight.

ODP takes into account the players' team schedule when scheduling the training sessions.  
We do our best to schedule with as few conflicts as possible for the majority of the Player Pools. However, this is not always possible. Should a player find themselves in jeopardy of losing their “good standing” status due to conflicts, please contact Ric Plante, ODP Technical Director, at [email protected] or call 581-8606 to discuss alternative options.


Field Status

Open Open

Amend Park (02:17 PM | 12/27/16)

Open Open

Belgrade Event Center (02:17 PM | 12/27/16)

Open Open

Playfair Park (02:17 PM | 12/27/16)

Open Open

Siebel Fields (Airport Fields) (02:17 PM | 12/27/16)

Open Open

Washington-Grizzly Stadium (02:17 PM | 12/27/16)