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Jun, 2017


Welcome to Montana ODP

The US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program has been in existence since 1977. The program was introduced to help identify potential national team youth players through an organized series of trials which begins at the district level, progresses through the state, regional and finally the national level. The program also serves as a means of development as the players identified are brought together for training and prepared for interstate, inter regional and international competitions. The development of the players is taking place rapidly as talented players are brought together for training and competition at all levels. Training and playing with those of equal or greater ability is a tremendous teaching tool. The program is open to any youth player with birth years 2001-2006.

As the player progresses from one level to the next, training and play increase in intensity. The regional team experiences both inter regional and international competitions on an annual basis. A pool of players is selected for each age group with the rosters changing each year as players develop at different rates. Regional players have traveled to Florida, Las Vegas, San Diego, France, England, Costa Rica, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

In keeping with our goal of providing each player with the best ODP experience possible, MYSA targets coaches with the highest level of training and experience. We take a holistic approach when making coaching assignments, taking into account the ability of the coaches to develop each player physically and mentally, while effectively teaching technique and tactics at a level beyond what is taught in a traditional club environment.

Many of the top coaches in this country are involved with the program beginning at the state level. The US Youth Soccer ODP provides young players with a high level of competition and outstanding coaching as well as exposing them to regional coaches, national coaches and the leading college coaches across the country.

The development of players in Montana is primarily the responsibility of our affiliate clubs, and
Montana ODP should not interfere with that development. It is the responsibility of MYSA to supplement that development by identifying and allowing the best players in the state to play alongside each other and against other select teams domestically and internationally. The success of Montana ODP is a direct result of the quality of players and coaches and the level of competition within Montana.

However, ODP is not about what club you play for, what city you’re from, or what your last name is; ODP is about putting together a team of the top players in the state, along with the finest coaching Montana has to offer, in order to train and compete at the highest level possible. ODP should provide players a chance to play with the best, while being trained by the best, so each player may become the best he or she can be. It allows players to be seen by college coaches, and to have a resume-worthy accomplishment that will open doors to a continued playing career. While ODP participation is not required by all collegiate coaches, it is a factor that will help them decide who is a player worthy of a roster spot or scholarship money.

Players that list ODP on their resumes at the end of their high school years are more likely to attract the college coach. The message is that the player loves the game, is doing everything to get better and wants to be successful at the next level by getting the highest level coaching available. Participating in ODP gives players a better chance to play at the school of their choice, which in turn breeds a better atmosphere for college as a whole.

The season will officially kick off for all players on August 5th & 5th, 2017 with tryouts being held in Helena at Siebel Fields. There will be two training sessions on Saturday and 2 on Sunday,
 10:00 - 12:00 &  2:00 - 4:00. We highly recommend you attend all the training sessions available for tryouts.

Only players in the State Pool will be eligible to participate in tournaments, friendlies, exchanges, and camps. Players must attend at least 50% of the season’s total trainings.

All other information you may need is located on our website at Always check the homepage for ODP news and if you still have unanswered questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by e mail at [email protected] or 406-581-8606. 

See you on the pitch,

Ric Plante - Montana ODP, Technical Director


[email protected]

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