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Sep, 2014

Postseason Volunteer Cup

Postseason Volunteer Cup.
Saturday Nov. 1st

(Depending on number of teams we may play one round of games Friday evening)

This season AYSO 337 will be holding a post season Volunteer Cup Jamboree in a double elimination format for all U8-U12 teams that qualify by earning enough team volunteer points. Teams that qualify will be guaranteed at least two games. Medals will be awarded to top two teams in each division.

6 Divisions

U8 Boys and Girls

U10 Boys and Girls

U12 Boys and Girls

Each team must accumulate 10 Volunteer points in order to qualify.(No exceptions)

The Volunteer Cup is an event to reward Volunteers, without Volunteers Saturday Soccer would not happen. The Volunteer Cup is not mandatory; you are not forced to participate. However if you want to be a part of this exciting day, you must Volunteer to earn points.

How teams earn points:

Field Set up Day:  5 points


2 points for Center Referee- Must enter Team number on Referee sign up website. You must be in full uniform. You must submit game card with team number in the games cards box located at Referee table.

1 point for Assistant referee-- Must enter Team number on Referee sign up website, Must be in Full uniform. You must enter team number for AR on game card submitted by Center Referee.

*No points awarded for being a club linesman.( anyone not in uniform who does flags along the touch line)

*No points for U8 coaches refereeing their own games on the field along with opposing coach.

If a U8 or U10 coach wants to ref their own game, in order to earn points, they must get an qualified assistant coach to coach the team and be in uniform and act as an official referee.

If you pick up an extra game, while at the fields you must submit Game card, with your name, team number and put in the game cards box at the referees table.

Referee sign up sheet.

Username: ref  Password: ref337

Lining fields with paint, Corner Flags and Trash Cans

Field Lining day will be on Friday evenings; this is because the company that mows the grass does it on Friday Morning/afternoons.

Earn 1 point for each field lined.  Fields 1A, 1B, 1C, 2, 3, 5, 6.

U6 Fields 4 A, B and C must line all 3 to get 1 point.

Corner flags:

If you can arrive early before the first game and put out the corner flags on all fields 1 point.

If you can stay after last game and pick up corner flags. 1 point

Trash cans:

The Green rolling trash cans need to be distributed around the complex before the games begin and then rolled back to storage location after games: 1 point for either distributing or storing trash cans

In order to receive credit for lining Fields, corner flags or trash cans you must sign the “Field Lining/ Corner flag” sheet which will be kept in the paint shed(white shed, behind port-a-potties) with name and team number and get one witness to initial. The witness should be a board member or any coach practicing or playing on that day.

How can I become a referee?

In order to be a U8 Referee all you need to do is Sign up as a Volunteer on eayso. Once you have your AYSO ID# go to and Take the basic referee course. You will also need to complete the Safe Haven course as well.

U10 Referees do the exact same thing except they will need to also complete a field companion course as well. We can schedule another companion course if we receive enough interest.

This Saturday 9/20 is our last of 3 referee field training days. Currently no one is signed up

Team point status will be posted and updated periodically.

Last season this tournament was a big success. It will last till late afternoon the kids will play multiple games (be prepared)

This is a great opportunity for the U8 and U10 boys and girls to have a really fun day with a tournament type atmosphere.(don’t let your team miss out)

If you have any questions or are interested in taking the U10 referee field companion course please email [email protected] with Volunteer Cup as the subject.

Thank You

AYSO 337