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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
1.  What programs are offered by the Blitzz FC?
2.  What are the normal costs of playing competitive soccer?
3.  How do I request financial assistance and what are my obligations?
4.  When are fall team formations, and what is expected of a player at the tryout?
5. What birth certificate is needed for registration?
6. What are the cutoff dates for team age groups, and why?
7. What is the Club policy on playing up?
8. How are teams scheduled and when do they get scheduled?
9. Who chooses the tournaments for team participation?
10. Who should I call if I have a suggestion for the Club?
11. Why do we pay coaches and assistant coaches?
12. Why are you making us volunteer?
13. If you pay referees, why do we have to provide volunteer referees?

1. What programs are offered by the  Blitzz FC?
The Blitzz FC offers year-round programs, including Competitive Academy for birth years 2006 and older, Youth Academy for birth years 2010-2007, Futsal,  Winter Technical Training, Recreational Soccer, and Summer Camps.
The costs for playing competitive soccer can vary greatly depending on the level and team.  Costs of playing include tuition (coaching, fields, state registration fee...), and travel (including overnight to the State tournament); optional additional gear (bag, warm-ups...); and optional tournament costs (elected as a team). Blitzz FC pays our coaches relatively well, including payroll taxes, travel reimbursement, etc., and we discourage any additional team-based direct payments other than those associated with optional tournaments. 
We would like to make it possible for any child to play competitive soccer. If financial assistance is required, please submit the Scholarship Application Form.  The form can be found on our website at the top of the home page "Blitzz Scholarship Application" You will still be responsible for the $60 club registration fee (Academy & Competitive only), uniform costs, and travel. Scholarship funds are limited and will be awarded prior to the season.  Check deadlines for submitting on scholarship application under the program your are registering for.
Team formations are normally held at the end of October to first of November. The dates vary every year depending on weather, the weekend of the high school state tournament, and Montana Olympic Development (ODP) tryouts. We endeavor to find a place for every player but, under certain extenuating circumstances, cuts have been made for the older age groups. Players at the 2006 and below age groups cannot be cut. Blitzz FC is held by the state to a maximum roster size of 18 for 2005 and above, and 14 for 2006 and below.  Players will be given the opportunity to showcase their technical ability, tactical awareness, and athletic ability during this time.
Proof of age shall consist of a birth certificate, a Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card (DD Form 1173) issued by the uniformed services of the United States, a birth registration issued by an appropriate government agency or board of health records, a passport, an alien registration card issued by the United States Government, a certificate issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service attesting to age, a current driver's license, an unexpired federal, state or local government identification card (if documentation of date of birth is required), or a certification of a United States citizen born abroad issued by the appropriate government agency. Hospital, baptismal, or religious certificates will not be accepted. If your player has played with the club in the past we have these documents on file.
The cut-off date is December 31st of each birth year. This is determined by FIFA and state policy.  Players will be placed on teams with same to simiular birth year dependeing on numbers.
Playing up is an accepted practice if it is in the best developmental interest of the individual player. This is determined during our evaluation periods, and the player is asked to play up with their own age group and the older one. A panel, which consists of the Technical Director and other coaches will be assembled to discuss the best placement for the player. Please note that playing up is not common and the vast majority of players will be playing their 'true' age group. Coaches may make a recommendation to a player to try out for an older team (based on a previous seasons performance), but players can ask to be considered for playing up as well.
For competitive teams in the Spring League, Team input is solicited regarding preferred open dates (for example, many of our teams choose to participate in tournaments rather than league play on select weekend and games are usually not scheduled the weekend of Prom and the SATs). MYSA schedules teams at a meeting of all the clubs generally on the first weekend in March.  Once sites and dates are determined, individual club field coordinators schedule game times to allow reasonable travel times (departure 6 AM or later, return 11 PM or earlier) and to fit field sizes to team ages. Often, scheduling is not completed until the week before play actually begins and some adjustments may be necessary after the season starts! We cannot guarantee the number of home dates nor the sites to which travel is required.
Those decisions are made based on recommendations by the Club Technical Director, by the coaches, players, and parents of the affected teams. The costs are bored by the players, parents, and teams. The Club expects coaches to be paid and reimbursed following the clubs travel policies for tournament costs.
10. Who should I call if I have a suggestion for the Club?
You can contact one of our staff members at [email protected] or calling 406-600-8146.
We want to attract and develop the best possible coaches. We believe that the pay we offer, although not always reimbursing actual time spent on coaching, is a mechanism for doing that. 
Making soccer games happen is very labor-intensive. We honestly need at least half of you to be active in the Club; as Board members and officers, referees, team managers, field marshals, at the concession stand, lining fields - the list is virtually endless. Teams also need volunteers, and at least initially we are including those options. There are enough jobs for everyone. We do, however, draw the line at expecting a family to put in a full work week if they have four players in the club! With the tuition payments, practice and game schedules etc., we are happy if you can find just ten hours. Many of you do have competing commitments - we understand that, but if you can't provide sweat equity, we need to ask for some other contribution to match what others are doing (the $100 volunteer deposit).
Even though a high-level referee of a high-level game can earn about $50, they do earn it! Between licensing, continuing education, equipment, and travel, they don't make a huge profit. We need three referees per game - 1.5 per team. That is why each team must contribute 2 people to the referee pool. We are lucky in Bozeman in having about a dozen unaffiliated referees (without connection to a team). This gives us more flexibility in scheduling than most clubs. But when you travel it is expected that you will bring two referees with you and they may be asked to referee one, two, or even more games while they are there. No referees - no games. Note that, although we don't pay for referee training (because, strictly speaking, referees do not belong to the Club), all referees are paid for their work and the cost of training and equipment (shirts, whistle, flags...) can be made up in the first year if you want to referee. 



Phone: 406-600-8146
Email: [email protected]

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