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Player Development Assessment

BHYSC - Player Development Assessment

The most direct way to assess the player development capabilities of the Club is to examine the strength of the Club's team. This is made easier by the Mid NJ Soccer Association's (MNJYSA) flighting system. The MNJYSA travel soccer league matches teams of similar ability in flights. The strongest teams will play in flight 1. The weaker the team, the higher the flight number. Typically each age/gender group will have 5 to 8 flights.  

In the Fall of 2013 BHYSC had 12 teams playing in the top half of MNJYSA flights. There were only 12 MNJYSA town affiliated clubs that had 10 or more teams in the top half of the league. This means that BHYSC is in the top 16% of the MNJYSA based on this measure. This is even more impressive when one considers that the combined population of Berkeley Heights and Mountainside is in the bottom 33% of the towns represented in the MNJYSA. Of the 12 towns with 10 or more top half teams, only one draws from a comparable population base. The other 10 club's populations are from 11% to 250% bigger. 

These results also reveal a vast improvement in the Club's player development compared to 2009. In 2009, only 5 of the Club's teams were in the top half of the MNJYSA travel soccer league.