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Boys Minor Rules

2018 Minor Baseball League Ground Rules

  1. Overall Governing Rules

    Rules governing the Amherst Minor League Baseball are in accordance with the 2013 NFHS Rule as published.  Any exception, additions, deletions, or alteration of the Little League rules are listed in this document and shall supersede the Little League rules.


  2. League Director and Responsibilities

    League directors are appointed by, and serve at the discretion of the Amherst Athletic Association.  League directors are responsible for:

  • Running their respective league(s)

  • Appointing managers

  • Scheduling and determining how to conduct a draft or whether to have a draft

  • Re-scheduling rainouts

  • Managing protests


  1. League Age

    The Major League is intended for boys that turn 9 or 10 years of age by July 31st of the current year.  Playing up or down is at the discretion of the league director(s). 


  2. Field Dimensions

  • Base length:                                       60 feet

  • Pitcher’s rubber to home:            46 feet

  1. Pre Game

    1. Ball type -  Balls should be marked Little League Approved

    2. Bat and Equipment Rules

      1. Bats

        • Bats no greater than 2 3/4 inch in diameter.

        • There is no weight drop limit

        • Little League approved bats are allowed (grandfathering previously allowable bats for the 2018 season). 

        • True Wood bats are not required to be certified and are allowed.

      2. Catchers Gear

        • Catchers are required to wear a facemask, padded chest protector, shin guards, throat protection, protective cup, and head gear that protects the entire head when catching behind the plate.  No “skull caps” are permitted.

        • A mask is required for players to warm up the pitcher


      3. Cleats

        • The use of metal cleats is forbidden

        • PENALTY

          1. The offender shall be removed from the game.

          2. If the removal of a player results in the team having less than the required amount to start a game, that team will forfeit the game.

      4. Head Gear

        • Batters and base runners are required to wear protective headgear, which give protection to the head, temples, ears, and the base of the skull.

        • PENALTY:  Base runners may be called out for willfully removing a helmet while on the base paths at the discretion of the umpire(s).

      5. Electronic Equipment

        • No electronic equipment shall be used on the field or the dugout during the game.

        • Players are not allowed to review videos of during the game.  Penalty; head coach will be kicked out of game and asked to leave the park.  If found during the teams at bat, the batter will be called out.  If it occurs when the team is playing defense, the batter will be awarded first and runners will advance one base. 

      6. Appeal Process

  • If the ball is live the appeal must be made by player on the field and directed towards the umpire that made the call.

  • If the ball is dead the appeal can be made by a player on the field or the coach.  The appeal must be directed towards the umpire that made the call.

  • Please note that an umpire is not required to ask their partner for an appeal and the coaches may not ask the other umpire to overturn the umpire that made the call.

      1. Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

  • Three minutes prior to the start of the game both teams will line up on the foul line on the side of their dugout.

  • They will remove their hats.

  • Home Team will start the Pledge.

    1. Behavior

      1. Batting order must be exchanged prior to the game start. 

      2. If a player shows up late, that player goes to the bottom of the batting order.

      3. Jewelry – No player shall wear jewelry. 



    2. Call ups

      1. Coaches may call-up players from the Rookie League at any time

      2. Called-up players may only play in the outfield, must bat last but must play the minimum as per the league rules

    3. Coaches

      1. Each team allowed 1 head coach, 2 assistants and 1 scorekeeper in the dugout. 

      2. Each team is batting is permitted a coach at 1st and 3rd.

    4. Minimum number to play

      1. Teams must field at least nine (9) registered players to start a game and must maintain at least eight (8) players throughout the game. 

      2. If injury or illness removes a player during the course of a game, a team may continue to play as long as the manager of the team feels the team may continue.

    5. Rain outs

      1. Rainouts are determined by the league

      2. For games where rain outs may occur just prior to the start of the game, the umpire(s) have final say on whether a game can occur. 


  1. Pre-Game Rules

  1. Dugout and warmup times

  1. The home team shall occupy the 3rd base dugout

  2. Each team is permitted 15 minutes of on-field warmup

  3. The visiting team will warmup first and the home team second so that the game may start with the home team on the field first. 

  4. If there is a shortened warmup time, the time is to be divided equally. 

  5. Coaches shall not make a gentlemen’s agreement to change rules.


  1. Game Length

  1. No inning shall start after two hours of the official recorded starting time.

  2. The start of a new inning is the completion of the final out of the previous inning. 

  3. Regulation games shall be Six (6) innings in duration. 

  4. A game tied at the end of regulation results in a tie, except in playoff games.

  5. A game is official if four (4) innings have been completed and if the home team is winning after 3 ½ innings.

  1. Keeping score

  1. The home team is responsible for keeping the official score. 

  2. The game schedule will indicate which team will act as home team.

  3. Winning coach must text score to league director.


  1. Minimum playing time

  1. Equal playing time

  2. No player shall sit more than one inning more than any other player.

  3. A player may not sit two consecutive innings

  4. The only acceptable grounds for not playing an individual are disciplinary action, injury, or illness. 

  5. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a forfeit of the game.

  1. Start time

  1. All weekday games shall start promptly at 6:00 PM.

  2. Forfeit time shall be 6:15 PM.

  1. Suspended Games

  1. If a game is called for any reason before it is official, that game shall be considered a “suspended game” and shall be completed from the point of suspension.

  2. If a game is called for any reason after becoming official, but in an uncompleted inning, the final game score will revert back to the previously completed inning.

  3. If a game is called for any reason after becoming official with the teams tied the game shall remain a tie.

  1. In-Game Rules

    1. Bat Boys – Bat boys are not allowed in the Minor League. These duties are to be performed by team members and such players entering the field of play must be wearing a helmet.

    2. Continuous Batting Order – All team members will bat in a continuous batting rotation

  1. Courtesy Runner - May be used to speed up the game for when the catcher or pitcher is on base and there are 1 or more outs.

    • If the courtesy runner does not catch or pitch in the next inning (complete batter, out, or gets on base) the team will forfeit.  Excludes an injury.

  1. Defensive Positions 

  1. 9 players with 3 outfielders

  2. Defensive substitutions are free except that a removed pitcher may not assume the catching position

    1. Dropped Third Strike – Does not apply in the Minor League.

    2. Infield Fly Rule – Applies in the Minor league

    3. Balks  – Does not apply in the Minor League

    4. Intentional Walks – Coach may walk batter without pitching.  Coach must inform Home-Plate Umpire that they are intentionally walking a batter.

    5. Lead-offs / Steals – Applies in the Minor league, after the pitch crosses home-plate.

    6. Maximum Batters – There is no maximum amount of batters per inning in the major League.

    7. Mercy Rule

  1. If a team is leading by at least fifteen (15) runs after three innings or ten (10) runs or more after four or more innings have been played, the game shall be terminated and the leading team declared the winner. 

  2. The bottom half of the third, fourth, fifth or sixth inning need not be played or completed if the home team achieves such a lead. 

  3. Equal number of bats unless the lead is by the home team

  4. If an 9 year old(s) did not catch two innings and pitch two innings for the winning team, the team will forfeit the game.

    1. Ninth Battery Out

      1. No ninth batter out rule shall apply. 

      2. Any team who drops below eight (8) registered players at any point during a game will forfeit the game to the other team unless the coach of the team with the injured/ejected player choses to continue.

    2. On-Deck Batters – On-deck batters are allowed in the Major League.  No offensive players not on base or batting are permitted on the field other than those performing bat-boy duties. 

    3. Pitching

  1. A player may pitch a maximum of 3 innings per game.  An 11 year old(s) must pitch 2 innings per game.

        • 9 year old(s) must pitch two complete innings.  Note: Multiple 9 years may be used.  However, if a 10 year is used during the inning the 9 year old pitcher(s) will not be counted.

        • PENALTY:  Failure to abide by this rule will result in the forfeiture of the game.

        • Pitchers are allowed 8 preparatory pitches in their first inning of work and 5 in subsequent innings. 

  1. A player once removed as a pitcher may not pitch again in the same game under any circumstances.  Said pitcher may play another position in the game except catcher in the inning removed.

    1. Catching

      1. A 9 year old(s) must catch 2 innings per game.

        • 9 year old(s) must catch two complete innings.  Note: Multiple 9 years may be used.  However, if a 10 year is used during the inning the 9 year old catcher(s) will not be counted.

        • PENALTY:  Failure to abide by this rule will result in the forfeiture of the game.



    1. Sliding

  1. Runners are never required to slide, but to avoid interference or malicious contact the runner elects to slide, the slide must be legal. 

  2. Diving or hurdling a player or jumping over the outstretched glove of a fielder at any base is prohibited. 

  3. Any infraction of the above results in the runner being called out. 

  4. No head first sliding, unless sliding back from a lead-off.  Player will be called out.

  5. Umpire determines whether a slide is legal or not.  

    1. Stealing

      1. Stealing is permitted.

  1. League Standings

Teams will be awarded 3 pts for a WIN…2pts for a Tie…1 pt for a LOSS

Tie Breakers: Two (2) Teams Tied

  1. Head to Head

  2. Fewest runs allowed vs each other.

  3. Most runs scored vs each other.

  4. Fewest runs allowed for the season.

  5. Most runs scored for the season.


Three (3) or More Teams Tied

  1. Head to Head, only if the tied teams played one another an equal amount of games.

  2. Fewest runs for the season.

  3. Most runs for the season.


  1. Post Game

    All teams shall leave the dugout as clean as or cleaner than when they arrived. 


  2. All Star Game

    All-star games may be scheduled.  All rules governing the games and selection of players is at the discretion of the league director. 










  3. Playoffs

  1. Regular season rules apply to the playoffs.

  2. Post season playoffs shall involve all teams. 

  3. Top versus bottom pairings shall be employed to prevent strong teams from meeting prematurely.

  4. The home team for the playoffs will be decided as a result of the regular season finish.  The team with more points will be the home team.  In the event of a tie a coin toss will determine the home team.



  1. Protests

  1. Protest shall involve rule interpretations only. 

  2. The head coach must notify the Home-Plate Umpire he intends to protest the game.

      1. Notify the umpire in writing what he is protesting. 

      2. Provide $25.00 to the umpire.

      3. Email the league director of the protest.

      4. Submit an additional $50.00 to have the protest heard.   

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