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Rookie Baseball League Rules

2017 Rookie Baseball League Rules

1.   The Rookie Baseball League shall follow 2013 NFHS Rules with the following exceptions and amendments which shall supersede the NFHS rules.  In the case of a conflict, these amendments  and exceptions shall be controlling:

a.   Players shall be 7 and 8 years old as of 07/31/2015.

b.   The defensive team may field 10 players with 4 outfield spots. If they only have 9 players than the traditional positions should be fielded.

c.   All outfielders must position themselves beyond the deeper cut of grass between the infield and outfield.

d.   When the Youth Pitcher has possession of the ball within the 10 foot pitching circle, and, provided that the batter runner has acquired first base, or has been put out, the Umpire shall immediately call “Time.” Runners who have advanced halfway and beyond will be rewarded  the base they are attempting to reach. All runners that have not reached the halfway point must return to the last legally acquired base and be able to return without the worry of being put out by the defense. ***The Pitching coach must determine the pitcher’s intention before calling time out. Is the pitcher going to make an attempt on a runner or is he looking to stop the baserunners’ actions by asking for time out.

e.   Lines will be chalked evenly between bases and be used by adult umpires to make calls.

f.     Base runners must remain in contact with their bases until the ball is hit.  

g.   Continuous batting order has been adopted.

h.   Free defensive substitution.

i.     No player will sit twice before every player sits once

j.     No 10 run “Mercy Rule” (as explained in NFHS 4-2-2)

k.    Five Run/”Batted around” limit per half inning (Five Run Limit shall not apply to last inning, but the last inning will end when 3 outs are recorded.

l.     The only exception to the batted around limit would be for a team with 9 players. The player who was up 1st in the inning will have a chance to bat again. The offensive team will then have scored 5 runs or obtained 3 outs.

m. Batter shall have 5 pitches to put the ball in play or be struck out.

n.   If fair batted ball contacts adult pitcher or coach, the ball shall be immediately dead.  Batter runner receives a 1 base award and all other runners advance only if forced.

o.   Only one defensive coach is permitted on the field for instructional purposes,  and must remain in the outfield at all times.

p.   A courtesy runner, who shall be the last recorded out, may be used at any time for the catcher when he reaches base.   

q.   Each runner shall be awarded 1 base when fielder throws ball out of play.    

r.     When an umpire is not used, out/safe calls shall be made by the offensive team coaches.

s.   On-Deck Batter is not permitted.  Batters waiting to bat must remain in the dugout.

t.     At Least One Adult Coach shall be in the dugout at all times.

u.   Bat shall not exceed 33” in length, nor 2-1/4IN in diameter and shall have a BPF of 1.15 or less if not made of wood.

v.   Six innings in a regulation game If a game is called it is regulation if 4 innings (3.5 if home team is ahead) have been completed.

w.  Runner will be declared out if he slides head first while advancing.

x.   Runner is out if he does not slide or “attempt to get around” fielder who has ball and is waiting to make tag.  Avoid collisions.

y.   Bunts are not permitted.

z.    No infield fly rule.

aa.               Double headers are not permitted.

bb. No player shall play more than 3 innings in any one position in a game

No batting out of turn penalties (correct and move on, or resume order next time up)

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