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Age 11-13 rules - 2013 Girls 13 U Fastpitch Softball

Age 11-13 rules - 2017

Girls 13 U Fastpitch Softball


Rules for Combined Leagues

Start time for all weekday games is 6:30pm

The grace period of 5 minutes will be given. Games must start by 6:35pm.

     This league shall be primarily governed by the “Official Rules of OHSAA Softball” as published with the exception of the following modifications to the existing rules, and or additions of the special new rules, which have been generated and Board approved in the interest of safety, fair play, and more even competition.

I. Pre game and post game rules:

  1. Home team duties and responsibilities (Home team listed first on schedule)

1.    Use of the first base dugout.

2.    Furnish a new game ball.

3.    Keep and report the official score.

4.    Report the official score to designated league officials within 2 days of game via e-mail or telephone.

5.    Home Team has field to warm up from 6:15 to 6:30.

6.    Notify visiting manager of rainouts on weekend games.

  1. Visiting team duties

1.    Use of third base dugout.

2.    Furnish a good back up ball.

3.    Visiting team has field to warm up from 6:00 to 6:15.

  1. Dual Responsibilities

1.    All players and equipment not directly involved in game must remain in       dugout. A manager or coach may excuse a player, if necessary providing it does not delay the game.

2.    Batting orders must be exchanged prior to the start of the game.

3.    All teams after each game must clean up the dugout and surrounding area before leaving the fields.

II. General Rules:

A.    12” yellow softball will be used, battings helmets MUST have facemasks.

  1. The defensive team will play 10 players to include 4 outfielders, which shall play at least 8 feet from any base.
  2. There is no on deck circle. Players can not practice swing until stepping into the batters box.
  3. All players must be in full uniform. (hat, shirt, and pants)
  4. No player is able to wear jewelry. Newly pierced ears must be bandaged.
  5. All players present will bat in a continuous batting order. If a player shows up late, her name goes to the bottom of the batting order.
  6. There is a 3 out or 10-batter limit, when the 10th batter comes to bat; a two out situation automatically exists. The official score keeper shall notify the home plate umpire and managers of the 10th batter.  The last out in 10th batter situation can be made by touching home base with the ball.  All runs scored prior to touching home plate counts.
  7. The game shall consist of no more than 7 innings or the time limit of 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  8. Any inning started before the time limit is up must be completed in its entirety.
  9. If a game is tied at the time limit the game is over.  Games can end in ties except for in playoffs.  If tied after 7 innings, the game continues until a teams wins or time limit is met.
  10. After (4) innings of play, if a team is up by more than 15 runs the game is over.
  11. The pitching distance will be 40 feet. A pitching circle (8-foot radius) is marked off around the pitching rubber. Pitchers must pitch from the rubber.
  12. The starting pitcher is allowed (8) warm up pitches there first inning. After the first inning the pitchers are allowed (5) warm up pitches.
  13. When the ball is in the possession of the pitcher within the pitching circle, play is stopped and the ball is dead. If a base runner has committed to the next base, she may continue to that base at the risk of being thrown out. The ball remains dead until the ball is pitched and crosses home plate.
  14. No leading off or stealing until the ball leaves the pitchers hand. If a player leaves before the ball is released the Umpire will call the runner out.
  15. There is no malicious contact allowed at umpire discretion.  If a runner has a close play they should slide to avoid contact with the player to avoid contact call.   You can not have malicious contact without contact. 
  16. On a 3rd strike called by the umpire which is not caught by the catcher, the batter becomes a runner, providing (1) first base is unoccupied or (2) first base is occupied with two (2) outs. A batter forfeits the opportunity to advance to first when she enters the dugout or any other dead ball area.
  17. The infield fly rule will apply.
  18. The offensive team is allowed a 1st and 3rd base coach.
  19. Each player must be in the game for a minimum of 6 defensive outs.
  20. There is no restriction on the speed of the pitch. The pitcher must use a windmill or sling shot motion to deliver the pitch.
  21. Pitchers may not be placed as a catcher if being removed from the mound. Pitchers do not have a designation on how many innings they may pitch in a week or game. We suggest managers develop pitchers for the betterment of the program.
  22. Games cannot be played with less than (8) players. If a team is short players they may call up two (2) players from another team in the league, or from the next lower league. Any call ups must play in the outfield and bat last in the order.
  23. A “Courtesy Runner” can/will be used when there are (2) outs and the catcher is on base. This will keep the game going.

At the discretion of the manager and the approval of the League Directors, a player may be suspended for disciplinary reasons for a game. If this occurs a second time, the Board of Directors shall review the player for possible expulsion from the league. All league officials can recommend disciplinary action to the Board for all off field violations by players, managers, coaches, etc. while at any Little League function.




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