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Tee Ball Rules

Amherst Athletic Association

2017 Tee Ball Rules and Guidelines

Field Setup (If needed)

·         Bases will be placed at 50’

General Guidelines

·         Games are scheduled for one hour

·         Each team may select an umpire.  This can be a coach or a parent.  The coaches should decide before the start of the game whether
           umpires will be used or not

·         Teams should be prepared to start on time.

·         Since game time is limited, players should be coached to hustle on/off the field at change of inning.

Game Play (Fielding Team)

·         All players must remain in their designated position until the ball is hit.  The infield will consist of 1B, 2B, SS, 3B and the pitcher. 
          The remaining players must reside in the outfield. 

·         Observe proper positioning of players.  There must not be any bunching of players on one side of the infield.

·         Players are to be rotated from the infield to the outfield.  Players should not play consecutive innings in the infield. 

·         Players should be rotated as equally as possible to give them opportunities at all positions.

Game Play (Batting Team)

·         No swinging bats outside of the playing field.

·         Batters must wear batting helmets.

·         To avoid game delays, players should be ready to bat (helmet on, bat in hand) and hustle onto the field for their turn.

·         All players will bat in each inning but outs still count.  If a player is out they must return to the bench area.

·         Players aged 5 on the roster (registered as age 5 by July 31st) must hit from the Tee.  No exceptions. 

·         Players aged 6 on the roster (registered as age 6 by July 31st) have the option to either hit off the Tee or take up to three pitches from a coach.  
          If the player hits or tips a foul ball, it is still considered one of the three pitches.  
          If the ball is not put into play after three pitches, the ball must be placed on the Tee. 

·         Players that are to be coach pitched should be grouped together in the batting order to facilitate play. 
          Placement of the group (first or last) is at the coach’s discretion.

·         If a ball is hit into the outfield, the runner can advance until the ball is secured in the infield.  Secured means that any infield player has
          trapped and secured the ball.    With this rule, a batter can achieve a double, triple, or even a home run! 
-         No Bunting

·         No Stealing Bases (No leading off)

·         Balls hit less than ten feet will be considered a dead ball and another attempt will be made.

·         Runner may advance one base on an overthrow

·         Last player up does not get an automatic home run.  Played like the rest of the inning.

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