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AC Sandhills Volleyball Q&A
Q. Why are our fees going up?

A. The fees for our teams may go up slightly based on the age group and level because we want to continue to expand and strengthen our volleyball program it is essential that the older teams travel to more tournaments to help their ability to be recruited by college coaches. Also, our facility rental fee has gone up, so we need to ensure we cover all costs. 

Q. What is included in our tournament fee?

A. The tournament fees include your admittance into the tournament. These prices are predetermined either by USAV carolina region directors or by the out of region director themself.

Q.  What are our fees paying for?

A. The fees go towards the following:



Insurance fee

Club Liability Insurance


Club Uniforms - to be paid for separately by each player

Volleyball Administration

ACS Player Registration, Scheduling

(USAV registration to be paid by each player separately)


For team Coach


New balls, nets, antennas, etc.

Facility Rental

Facility Rental Fee
Administration Fees Club Administration Fees (Office)

Q. What uniforms do we get this year?

A. 2017/18 is not a Uniform Year. Only new players will need to purchase a uniform. The uniform will be in addition to the ACS fees. You will be required to purchase 2 uniform jerseys. You must wear solid black volleyball shorts and black crew socks (white or orange as accent colors). Knee pads are recommended.

Q. Why is there a $100.00 "Tryout Fee/Deposit"? What does it include?

A. The tryout fee is broken down to include:
    1. $10.00 tryout fee - including a AC Sandhills volleyball shirt
    2. The remaining $90.00 is your initial travel deposit if your player is selected to be on the AC Sandhills Travel Team.  If your player is not selected, you will be refunded     the $90.00.    

Q. What is a travel team vs. a developmental team?

A. A travel team will travel to at least 5 tournaments throughout the season. The developmental team may get an opportunity to travel to a tournament, but its main focus is to develop the skills of the player to prepare them for future volleyball seasons. Fees for the developmental team will be less than the travel team. The developmental team will only be required to purchase one uniform jersey.

Q. Can we play in more tournaments then allotted for my team?

 Yes! Each team will be able to play in more tournaments, but the coach will be responsible for collecting the necessary amount for each tournament.

Q. How long is the season?

 Tryouts will begin in mId October and traditionally tournaments will start in January, but there is training in December.The season will typically run until April depending on which tournaments each team plays in. June-July is for nationals which are always a possibility for each team. 

Q. How many tournaments will each team play in?

The number of tournaments will vary according to their age level. Each team will play a minimum of 4 region tournaments, which means they will play 4 tournaments in the state of North Carolina. Usually we do not know locations of gyms until a week or two ahead of time. Region tournaments are one day tournaments. U13 and U14 will play in two additional overnight tournaments. U15, U16 and U17 will play a maximum of 3 overnight tournaments. 18 will play a 4 multi day tournaments (only). 

Q. What is the purpose of out of region tournaments?

Out of region tournaments are important for players because college coaches and recruiters travel to these tournaments to watch the girls play. 

Q. What does maximum number of tournaments mean?

Maximum number of tournaments means that that number of tournaments have previously been allotted per player in their fees, but that DOES NOT mean a team could not play more. It just means the original cost would increase. The coach will be responsible for collecting additional tournament fees.

Q. What are the fees for 2017/18?


 *AC Sandhills 2017/18 Volleyball Fees:    






$ 250.00



$ 500.00



$ 875.00



$ 875.00














*All fees include Tournament fees and Tryout Deposit  
U15-U18 will participate in Strength and Conditioning