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Jun, 2020

Take 2 Registration Open - Safety Restrictions Detailed

Hello L’Anse Creuse Baseball Family,

First and most importantly, we’d like to extend our wishes that all of you are safe and healthy and doing well in this unprecedented time.  As we begin to come out of the pandemic, we at LCBB decided to put together a plan for a late summer season; ‘Take 2’ of our regular season, which was canceled.  Please note that our decision to plan this season is made so we will have the highest chance of being able to play baseball.  As of right now, no competitive youth sports games are allowed due to social distancing requirements and we are unsure of when that restriction will be lifted.  However, in order to have the chance at some semblance of a season, we need to plan now, anticipating that restrictions may be lifted to allow games at a later date.  To summarize and be very clear about that point:  right now, games are not able to be played and they may not be by the time our schedule starts games.  We may need to change the dates below and/or cancel the remaining season.  However, this plan is the only realistic chance at playing organized Little League baseball this summer. 

We have re-opened registration online at  The important dates of this plan as are follows:

Now-June 27th:  Registration Open

June 27th:  Evaluations / Team Assembly

June 28th- July 10th : Practices

July 12th- August 21st: Games

There are several important safety guidelines and rule changes that will be in place, as we seek to play baseball in a safe and responsible manner.  We operate under the Little League umbrella and institute these restrictions in accordance with recommendations from the CDC, Michigan Health Department, and Little League International.  PLEASE READ THEM ALL. 

  • All guidelines set by the State of Michigan, Macomb County Health Department, and Little League regarding social distancing MUST always be adhered to.This means players, coaches, spectators, umpires and anyone else on a Little League field during a Little League event must adhere to social distancing guidelines (6 ft apart).
  • There will be NO use of dugouts during games or practices.During games, the batting team will be spaced out along the fence line at 6 ft internals.Players must bring a chair to be placed in their designated area that only they can use. The only exception to this is in the Tball division where players will sit with their immediate family members, who will be spaced out at 6 ft intervals.
  • No food (including gum and sunflower seeds) allowed at practices or games at any time.Water bottles must have players name visibly written on each container and cannot be shared.
  • No sharing of equipment will be allowed.Each player must have his/her own fielding glove, batting helmet and bat.No sharing of hats or batting gloves.If having this equipment is an issue, please contact us and we will do what we can to provide any equipment.We cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide this equipment, but we will do what we can.This includes catcher’s gear.
  • Baseballs must remain segregated and limited use.This means that during practices, baseballs MUST remain between two players only.They must be wiped down with sanitary wipes in between innings and uses.During games, warm up balls must be kept separate from game balls.
  • Any baseball that is hit outside of the field of play must only be retrieved by a player and NOT a spectator.If a baseball is touched by a spectator, it must be removed from gameplay.
  • Team sizes will be limited, the number of which depends on the division.
  • No high fives or hand shakes will be permitted.After games, players may tip their caps to each other.
  • All players and coaches must supply their own hand sanitizer and must use it in accordance with State of Michigan, Macomb County Health Department, and Little League safe practices.(In between innings and after at-bats).
  • There will be no catcher in the T-ball and Pitching Machine divisions.
  • In Pitching Machine, coaching staff will ‘pitch’ the balls by loading them into the machine.A team player will be along side the machine to make defensive plays.
  • In Minors/Majors/Seniors, stealing bases will be limited.
  • There will be no weekend games and rainouts will not be made up.
  • Practices will be restricted, in order to accommodate social distancing requirements.
  • Players may wear masks if they so choose but masks will not be a requirement since we will be socially distanced.

As this situation is fluid, these restrictions and rule changes may be altered as more information becomes available.  We will communicate any changes as they happen.  All of us at LCBB are working hard to prepare and present a safe and enjoyable baseball season for our community.  It is still possible that games will not be permitted and we will have to, once again, change our plans.  You can be sure, however, that during this difficult time filled with continued uncertainty, we will do our best to provide a safe, fun activity to help bring our community together. 

Thank you all for your support and we hope to see you on the field soon.

Chris Yakey –  President

Jed Jones – Vice President

Kyle Nirganakis – Secretary

Dave Kaynor – Treasurer

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