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Girls Lacrosse FAQ

Q: When is lacrosse season?
Lacrosse is a spring sport. AC Sandhills offers spring and fall recreation lacrosse for girls in K-8th grade.  In addition, we offer a 3v3 league in the winter as well as tryouts for a Travel Team that competes in the summer and fall.

Q: Who can play girls lacrosse?
AC Sandhills offers programming for girls in grades K-12.  Players must be members of US Lacrosse to participate.

Q: Why do you require a US Lacrosse Membership?
A: We require a current US Lacrosse membership to provide each family with supplemental accident insurance to reduce the overall cost of the program to the players. Requiring all coaches to be US Lacrosse certified coaches and all players to be members of US Lacrosse allows us to provide the athletes with additional resources like the Lacrosse Magazine and ensure that coaches have been mentored in the latest youth coaching methods and positive coaching alliance information. 

Q: What are the rules of girls lacrosse?
A: Lacrosse is a combination of soccer, basketball, and ice hockey. In a full field, regulation high school game there are 12 players on the field on 1 team (11 field players and a goalie).  The 10U division generally plays 8v8 including goalie while 8U division generally plays 4v4. For more detailed
rules, click HERE for a "Crash Course" or check out the US Lacrosse Girls Rules page for rules books and brief videos summarizing the rules for each division: USL Girls Rules

Q: What Equipment does my daughter need?
In girls lacrosse, the required equipment consists of a stick, goggles, and a mouthguard.  Cleats or turfs are also required for the older age groups (soccer cleats are perfect!).  Girls equipment is DIFFERENT from boys equipment.  Click HERE to see an overview of GIRLS vs. BOYS equipment.  See below for links for where to purchase equipment.

Q: My daughter has never played before, can she sign up?
A: YES! Lacrosse is still a growing sport and girls of all ages are picking it up for the first time.  Our recreation programs and 3v3 league are great places for your daughter to start, even if she is in 8th grade!

Q: We don't have any equipment, do we have to buy it?
We have equipment (stick and goggles) available to rent should you prefer not to purchase equipment right away.  You should be able to rent equipment upon checkout when you register for a recreation program.  We do require that you purchase a mouthguard for your daughter. Email [email protected] with questions regarding equipment.

Q: What is the best program for my daughter?
A:  If your daughter has never played lacrosse before and is in K-1st grade, we suggest she register for Kinderlax (clinic-based, no games against opponents).  If your daughter has never played lacrosse before and is in 2nd - 8th grade, we suggest she register for spring recreation or fall recreation. If your daughter has played and wants MORE than what our recreation programs offer, we suggest she sign up to try out for our ACS Select Team which is our travel program.  The travel team competes in the summer and fall and requires a serious commitment.

Q: Who will coach my daughter?
A: At AC Sandhills, offering quality coaches for our lacrosse programs is very important to us.  Studies show that players are more likely to stick with a sport when they have had a coach knowledgeable in that sport.  That is why our recreation coaches are a mix of volunteer parents and hired, high school players, and experienced coaches.  We think it is important to expose young/new players to coaches who are knowledgeable about the game and who can carefully teach proper fundamentals and correct rules.  Coaches for our ACS Select teams are a mix of current/former college coaches and players and experienced coaches with backgrounds in education.  We believe we offer a high-quality coaching staff and take pride in the passion and energy our coaches bring to girls lacrosse.


Girls Lacrosse sticks are DIFFERENT from boys lacrosse sticks.  Click HERE to see the difference and make sure you purchase the right stick!
STX sticks are recommended: Visit the STX Girls Lacrosse Stick site  and do some research on your own. 

Lacrosse Unlimited (Cary)
Sport Stop
Lacrosse Monkey

Starter kit:
Youth Starter Kit
STX Lilly:
Stick for young beginners (K-2) (shorter stick):    STX Lilly
Brine Pixie: Stick for young beginners (K-2) (shorter stick) Brine Pixie
Brine Allure Complete Stick:
For beginners/intermediate: Brine Allure
Brine Dynasty Rise: For beginners/intermediate: Brine Dynasty Rise
Under Armour Blitz Complete Stick: For beginners/intermediate: Under Armour Blitz

STX Crux:  STX Crux 300 OR 500  (here is one in ORANGE),
STX Fortress: 300 or 600 (for defenders)
*Advanced or experienced players should really invest in a good stick as the beginner sticks do not provide as much versatility:

GOGGLES: Click HERE to find a selection of goggles offered by Dick's Sporting Goods. Check our local Hibbett Sports
Coach's Favorites: DeBeer Vista, STX 4Sight

MOUTHGUARDS:  Click HERE to find a selection of mouthguards offered by Dick's Sporting Goods. The mouthguard must be opaque (not clear) and may not have an attachments (i.e. band connecting it to the goggles).  You can also check our local Walmart for inexpensive mouthguards!


Check out the US Lacrosse Girls Rules page for rules books and brief videos summarizing the rules for each division: USL Girls Rules