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Aug, 2013

Letter from the Area Referee Admin.

Referees are a vital part of the AYSO team.  Yet our program continues to struggle with getting and retaining referees.  Listed below are some of the things we can do as regional boards, referees and coaches to help alleviate the problem of not having enough referees for our games.

Regional Boards:  You need referees in order for your program to succeed.  A huge part in retaining referees is appreciation and support for the work they do.   Provide the equipment and training supplies your referees need to do their jobs.

Encourage them to upgrade their training.  Arrange for referee training sessions in your region. 

Adopt a zero tolerance policy for the verbal abuse towards referees and enforce it. Have board members available during games to assist in dealing with issues if they should occur.  

Develop a mentoring program for your new referees.

Referees:  Preparation is the key to a successful game.

Give yourself the time necessary to do your field and player inspections.  Referee or assistant referee as many games as possible. 

Volunteer to referee in local, area and section tournaments in which referees are always needed.  Your knowledge of the game will increase, and the opportunity to network with other referees is invaluable. 

Continue your education; AYSO provides training through National Referee.  Support your fellow referees by mentoring, especially youth and women referees.

Coaches:  Like you, referees are volunteers giving their time in order to provide children the opportunity to play soccer.  Coaches and referees need to work together, support each other and do their best so the players have the best experience on the soccer field.  

Please model good behavior to your players by treating ALL referees with respect.  At your parent meeting, inform parents that abuse towards the referees will not be tolerated. 

Take a referee course and increase your knowledge of the game.     

Any questions regarding referee issues can be directed to Lisa A. Sheaffer, Area Referee Administrator at [email protected].