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Jul, 2010

Lakeside / Lester Park .. Hall of Fame

In AYSA soccer they start league playoffs starting at the age level of U-12 / U-13 for both boys and girl teams. The teams are ranked on regular season record and then put into divisions for the playoffs. Remember, for each level there are over 25 teams that play for AYSA lower division soccer.
The divisions again are based on record; they usually start with Gold (Platinum) and go down to Silver or Bronze base upon the number of teams that year. So, that the best rated teams based on record our put in the top category (Gold/Platinum).
For a team to win the Champion ship or to finish in fourth place over all, either feet is worth mentioning in our Hall of Fame.
We will also induct coaches, board members and directors into the Hall of Fame base upon years of service to Lakeside / Lester Park soccer club.
U-12 Girls - Bronze Division - 4th Place – Lakeside #1 Coaches; Flaig / Roper
U-13 Boys - Gold Division - 1st Place - Lakeside #1 (16-0 Record)
Coaches; Kreft / Vezina / McKee
U-12 Boys – Gold Division – 1st Place – Lakeside #1 Coaches: Kimble / Sorenson
U-12 Girls - Bronze Division – 4th Place – Lakeside #2 Coaches: Kervina / Rollo
U-13 Girls - Silver Division - 1st Place - Lakeside #1 Coaches; Clark
U-12 Girls - Platinum Division - 1st Place – Lakeside #2 (16-0 Record)
Coaches: Kervina / Rollo
U-12 Girls - Gold Division - 2nd Place - Lakeside #1 Coach; Ball
U-12 Girls - Silver Division - 3rd Place - Lakeside #3 Coach: Metry
U-13 Boys - Gold Division - 3rd Place - Lakeside #1 Coach; Kimble / Sorenson