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Apr, 2013

A Building For Bob!

Read about the Bob Pratt Memorial Building @ Jean Duluth Fields


Apr, 2013

New Soccer Complex for Lakeside Area?

There is a movement to create a new multi-use facility in Lakeside, come here more about it at registration, one proposed usage is found in this photo...


Apr, 2013

Boot Room Camp

Boot Room Spring Tune-Up Camp for Boys and Girls 9-15


Apr, 2013

LIttle NetBusters Program!

Program for 3 & 4 Year Olds...


Jul, 2010

Lakeside / Lester Park .. Hall of Fame

For a team to win the Champion ship or to finish in fourth place over all, either feet is worth mentioning in our Hall of Fame.
We will also induct coaches, board members and directors into the Hall of Fame base upon years of service to Lakeside / Lester Park soccer club.