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Dec, 2014

OESA-KY Intramural Futsal Going Strong!

This season was the inaugural one for the OESA-KY Intramural Futsal League.  So far they are three weeks in and we are seeing some great futsal action!  More importantly than that...the kids are getting better!

Every year there is a discussion about what is better, wall soccer or futsal.  Of course being somewhat biased we vote for futsal!  There are studies behind this but we know (and have counted) the kids get more touches in futsal, like well over 5 to 1.  We also know it forces the kids to control the ball and that there is no wall to bail out poor touches.  The game also takes the focus away from a direct style of play (which translate to poor outdoor soccer) and forces the kids to be creative and make decisions.  The speed of the game and limited time to put the ball in play forces an improved decision making process and speeds up the game play.  All of these things are extremely valuable when the players go back to the grass field!  If you can make decisions and control the ball in the high pressure, intense futsal environment, the outdoor game just becomes easier.  

The US Soccer Federation (USSF) decided years ago that futsal (not wall soccer) was what it wanted to incorporate into their Development Academy, which is used to groom the next generation of National Team players.  The game has long been played in South America and if you pick any player that has style and flair (Ronaldinho, Messi, Neymar, etc...) they all grew up playing futsal.  Add to that every European club now incorporates the game into their programs, and it makes futsal one of the most often played games in the world!  When national team coaches, federations of all different countries and the best know clubs in the world decide futsal is valuable and should be incorporated, we know we are in pretty good company!

If you ever want to see the benefits of the game, watch it for five minutes.  You will immediately see the benefits of the game and how it helps the players.  Oh, and just to warn you, you'll be a fan for life because the action is so fast paced it is always entertaining for parents and spectators alike!