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2023 - 2024 SEASON


● 8U 

● 9U 

● 10U 

● 11U 

● 12U 

● 13U 

● 14U 

Age group is determined by 

● The child's birthdate as of 4/30/2024 will dictate what age group they will play. 

○ Age Group Birthdate on or before  

○ 8U April 30th, 2016  

○ 9U April 30th, 2015  

○ 10U April 30th, 2014 

○ 11U April 30th, 2013  

○ 12U April 30th, 2012  

○ 13U April 30th, 2011  

○ 14U April 30th, 2010.  

● Any players wishing to play up to a higher age group must receive approval from the Vice President of  Baseball and the Travel Baseball Commissioner.  

○ The following are common reasons that have been brought up in the past 

■ Player would like to play “up” because of a birthday date that places them with other  players in a lower grade level than their peers 

■ Player made 8U team as 7 year old and would prefer to try out to continue with that  team. 

○ If you prefer to try out for a team outside your bracketed group, you will need to email the  proper commissioner and VP of baseball outlining your request and the accompanying reason. 

■ 8U through 10U team commissioner – [email protected] 

■ 11U through 14U teams commissioner – [email protected] 

    ■ VP – [email protected] 

What does travel baseball entail? 

● Indoor winter practices from January through March in Rossford Soccer Dome (usually 1 weekend day  in January and one each weekday and weekend practice in February and March) 

● Games are mid-April through 1st or 2nd week of July 

○ Teams play in the Northwest Ohio Amateur Baseball League (NWOABL). This includes teams  into southern Michigan and as far south as Findlay. 

○ 25 to 40 games depending on number of teams in league and number of tournaments the team  plays in

○ Tournaments are normally within driving distance, but most teams have at least 1 out of town  tournament that requires overnight stays 

○ Games during the week and on weekends. This includes the possibility of playing on holiday  weekends including Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, etc. 

● Practices during the week and weekends that are scheduled around games. 

● The expectation of a travel player is that they are able to commit to 75% of the winter practice schedule  and 100% committed to the team schedule starting in April. The expectation is you are committing to  baseball during the baseball season. 

Player Fees 

● Cost for the season can range from $800 to $1400 depending on how many tournaments the team plays  in and what extra equipment the team requires for practice (hitting nets, tees, practice aids, etc).  Individual coaches select tournaments for each team. 

● The costs associated with the program  

○ NWOABL League Fee 

○ PABSC Fee (covers field maintenance and administrative costs) 

○ Uniforms 

○ Tournament Entry Fees (can range from $199 to $1200 per team for each tournament) 

○ Umpire Fees 

○ Winter Indoor Workout Fees 

○ Equipment Fees (Game and Practice balls, scorebooks, training equipment and aids, etc.)  

● Uniforms 

○ PABSC will determine the uniform style and adherence to the uniform will be non-negotiable.  ○ The following items consist of the uniform package (subject to change):  

■ Jersey (2 to 3 jersey tops) 

■ Pants (2 pair pants) 

■ Hat 

■ Pullover 

■ Helmet (as needed for returning travel players) 

■ Bat Bag (as needed for returning travel players) 

● Teams perform fundraising to offset costs. Individual teams manage their fundraising. 

● A portion of the league’s concessions income will also help offset the cost. 


● The number of teams per age group will depend on the level of talent at each age. The goal of the  teams is to be competitive in the league we play in (NWOABL). We will only field as many teams as we  determine can be competitive at that level. 



1. Player Assignment To Team 

2. Current Incumbent Coach for the Age Group 

a. Must Be In Good Standing With PABSC Standards 

3. Upcoming Coach from lower age group. 

a. Must Be In Good Standing With PABSC Standards 

4. Past coaching experience is strongly suggested 

5. Must submit a intent to coach (whether Head or Assistant) form by 7/10 on


1. 3 independent evaluators for each try out 

a. Current head and assistant coaches will be the evaluators and coordinators 

2. No prior uniforms or team affiliation shirts are to be worn. If the player shows up in a past uniform they  will be asked to return with a different uniform (uniform pants notwithstanding). 

3. Each player will receive a T-shirt in their size with a number on the back or an identifying tag (runners  tag) with a number.  



● Timed runs as follows  

a. Home to 1st 

b. 1st to 3rd 


● Outfield  

a. Fly Balls 

i. Scored on 3 balls hit, throw into 2B (no cutoff) 

ii. Score is comprised of 

1. Fielding Execution 

2. Throwing Accuracy 

3. Throwing Velocity 

● Infield 

a. Ground Balls 

i. Score is comprised of 

1. 3 balls hit and throw to 1st 

ii. Score is comprised of 

1. Fielding Ability 

2. Fielding Form 

3. Throwing Accuracy 

4. Throwing Velocity 


● 10 live Pitches from a pitching machine, a coach may be used in the event of mechanical issue.  

a. If a faulty pitch occurs, then an extra pitch will be added 

i. Score is comprised of 

1. Mechanics 

2. Hitting results 


● 5 Pitches  

a. Score is comprised of 

i. Pitching Form 

ii. Pitch Accuracy 

iii. Pitch Velocity 

CATCHING (not required, optional for those who want to catch): 

● 5 live Pitches from a pitcher 

a. Receiving the pitch 

b. Mechanics 

c. Footwork 

● 3 throwdowns to 2B 

a. Throw Accuracy 

b. Throw Timing 

c. Throw Velocity 


● Score comprised of the following :

            a. Coachability & Respect for Coaches 

                b. Determination & Focus 

c. Effort and Hustle


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