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General Information | 2023 - 2024 SEASON


Perrysburg Travel Softball is a division of the Perrysburg Amateur Baseball & Softball Commission.  Perrysburg Travel Softball strives to provide Perrysburg girls the opportunity to play competitive softball in a fun, safe, supportive, and team oriented environment. Our organization's focus is to help the girls develop the skills, confidence, mental discipline, and leadership to achieve each player’s highest potential. We are committed to promoting good sportsmanship for players, coaches, and fans on and off the field. 


Perrysburg offers the following divisions: 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U

Age group is determined by:

  • The players age as of 08/31/2023.

  • Any players wishing to play up to a higher age group must receive approval from the Travel Softball Commissioner and Vice President of Softball.

  • The chart below may be used to help determine what division each player qualifies for: 


Team assignments are determined by skill level and position depth. Each team will play in a league where the levels are either Gold, Silver, or Bronze.  The coach and Softball Travel Commissioner will determine which level each team will play in for each league.  The assigned level may change throughout the year depending on player development and the league competition. Team assignments will be determined for Fall 2023, Spring 2024, and Summer 2024 seasons shortly after tryouts. A player may only receive an invitation for some of the seasons they are trying out for. 


The number of teams per age group will depend on the level of talent in each division. The goal of the teams is to be competitive in the leagues we play in. We will only field as many teams as we determine can be competitive at that level. We also can only field as many teams as what we have coaches for.


Perrysburg Travel Softball strives to offer the most softball experience throughout the year at the lowest possible cost. There will be at least 1 opportunity for each player to fundraise to help offset their cost. Additional fundraising opportunities may be available and would be organized at the individual team level. The 2023/2024 Player Fees are made up of 3 components: Uniform, PABSC General Fee, and Team Fees.  Each cost is estimated below.


    • The uniforms will be the same design as what was worn during the 2022/2023 travel seasons.  If a returning player’s uniform still fits, she will not need to repurchase items that she can use again.  The estimated cost is below for each item the player will need to purchase for the 2023/2024 season. Costs may vary depending on vendor pricing.

      • Socks: $12

      • Jersey Top: $50

      • Pants (New): $50

      • Pants (Used): $30

      • Belt: $6

      • Helmet with mask: $65


    • This mandatory fee will be collected when the player accepts her invitation to play for the travel program. This general fee covers the overhead for the Travel Softball program which includes scheduling, grounds and maintenance, blanket insurance, and software costs. 

    • Each player will pay the same amount, regardless of how many seasons they play.

    • Estimated range per player: $70 - $95


    • The Team Fee Range listed below assumes the player will participate in all 3 seasons.  If the player plays less than all 3 seasons, the actual fees will be less. Any additional amounts above the range stated below must be approved by the Travel Commissioner.  The range for the Team Fee assumes a 12 player roster for all 3 seasons. The Team Fees will be managed by the individual teams.

    • Team fees include: League Fees, League Tournament, Non-League Tournament Fees (up to 2 per year is included in the maximum Team Fee Range), Umpire Fees, Balls, Team Equipment, Scorebooks, Light Indoor Practice Facilities

    • Team Fee Range per player: $225 - $350

  • Our organization believes that each girl should have the opportunity to play competitively regardless of financial issues.  Please email [email protected] if you are unable to afford the fees.


Players are expected to participate in the majority of practices and games each season.  Make every effort to be at every practice, game and tournament both home and away.  You should generally expect two practices a week which your player needs to commit to.  When possible, early communication with coaches on potential schedule conflicts is requested. We made teams a little smaller this year so that there would be more focus on a core group of players.  If one or two of those players are missing, it makes practices/games very difficult. The quantity of games and tournaments will vary between divisions and teams.  The Travel Softball Commissioner and Head Coach will work together to determine the best fit for each team for each season.  Because of the variation, the cost for each team will vary as well. 

Each player will tryout for one of the following options:

  • Fall/Spring/Summer (3 seasons)

  • Fall/Spring (2 seasons)

  • Spring/Summer (2 seasons)

  • Summer Only (1 season)

A description of each season is listed below: 

FALL 2023

  • Fall Ball is a fun season that focuses on player development and prepares each team for competitive play in the spring. 

  • Practices are scheduled beginning in late August or early September, and will run through October.

  • All practices will be held in Perrysburg

  • Fall Ball concludes at the end of October

  • Each team will participate in either games, tournaments, or a combination of both games and tournament(s).  

  • All games and tournaments will be held in Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan

  • There will be no practices in November, December, or January

SPRING 2024 

  • Practices for the Spring season begin in February.

  • Practices during the winter months will be held at indoor facilities in Northwest, Ohio.  The quantity of practices depends on availability of facility rentals 

  • Fast Wizard Spring Ball League

  • Spring season games begin in mid March and concludes by mid-May


  • Summer season begins in mid-May and concludes in July.  The mix of league game and tournament play will depend on availability and competition of local leagues and tournaments. Final cost will be depend on the option chosen for each team. Tournaments are selected by Coach and Commissioner


The following will be used to select the Team Head Coach

  1. Player Assignment To Team

  2. Current Incumbent Coach for the Age Group

    1. Must Be In Good Standing With PABSC Standards

  3. Upcoming Coach from lower age group.

    1. Must Be In Good Standing With PABSC Standards

  4. Past coaching experience is strongly suggested

  5. To submit an intent to coach (whether Head or Assistant), please complete the ‘Coaching Interest Form’ by 7/15/23.  To fill out the form, please click here: Coaching Interest Form


Tryouts will be held at Rivercrest Fields on July 19th (6:30pm - 8:30pm) and July 22nd (9:00am - 11:00am).  A player should only attend 1 tryout.  Please have your child arrive 20 minutes before start time to check in.  Each player should be stretched and ready to begin physical activity at the start time.

All players must pre-register to try out by 7/15/23.  To register for tryouts, please click here: Player Registration Form

Please have your player wear cleats, comfortable shorts or pants, (no sliding will be done), and their gear they would normally take to a game (Helmet, Bat, Glove, Face Mask, Catching Gear, Batting Gloves (optional), etc.).  All players should bring a water bottle.

Scoring criteria will include fielding, hitting, base running, pitching, catching, and general attitude.

The team selection takes into consideration a combination of the following:

  1. At least 3 evaluators will score each girl on try out day.  At least 1 evaluator will be an independent evaluator.  The independent evaluator(s) will not be considered for a coaching position for the division they are evaluating or be a parent of a child in that division.

  2. Past season coaches will aid in team selection.

  3. Incoming coaches for 2023/2024, Travel Softball Commissioner, and VP Softball will aid in team selection.


Exceptions to this General Information Sheet may be necessary. Exceptions must be approved by the VP Softball and Travel Softball Commissioner.


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