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May 17, 2021

Beginning Tuesday, May 18 - Masks No Longer Required for Youth Sports
As announced on Tuesday, May 17, Governor Baker and the state of Massachusetts has lifted the facial covering for youth sports.  Players will no longer be required to wear a face covering on the field, in the dugout, huddles, etc...

Additionally, on May 29, 2021 all COVID restrictions regarding youth sports will be lifted.

We here at Charlton Softball would like to thank all the parents, guardians, and caregivers for their tireless efforts over the past fifteen months to keep our families safe, our community healthy, and our softball seasons viable.

April 30, 2021

Governor's Announcement on Relaxing Mask Mandates - No Impact on Youth Sports

Monday, the governor announced a number of steps in the reopening of the states economy.  His announcements have very little direct impact on youth sports.  Players, coaches, officials, and spectators are still subject to the Face Covering Order.  Per the Massachusetts government, "Face coverings will also continue to be required at all times at events, whether held indoors or outdoors and whether held in a public space or private home, except for when eating or drinking."  Our games and practices are considered events, and therefore we are still required to wear masks - regardless of your ability to social distance.  We do expect the EEA (Executive Office of Energy and Environmental  Affairs), who oversees youth sport regulations in Massachusetts, to update their guidance in the coming days/weeks; but as of now please continue to wear your mask when at the softball field/complex.

April 11, 2021
COVID Restrictions Still in Effect

As Charlton Softball has now started our practices, we are hearing many parents are confused with the current Covid protocols that Charlton Softball is requiring of our athletes, coaches, and spectators.

To ensure the safety of everyone, Charlton Softball has decided to follow all state & local restrictions regarding youth sports.  Softball is considered a MODERATE risk sport, and is subject to a number of restrictions.  Most notably, is that facility operators and activity organizers must require facial coverings to be worn by all participants during active play. (Massachusetts Reopening Standards for Youth Sports - Effective 3/22/2021)

This is a change from last summer.  During the off-season, the state enacted stricter protocols regarding face coverings for youth sports, and these protocols remain in effect for spring sports.  The move to Phase 4, Step 1 did not remove or reduce the face covering requirement.  The only impact on youth sports was the easing of spectator limits.

Charlton Softball is constantly in contact with local health officials, and monitoring state guidelines regarding Covid protocols required of youth sport organizations.  As requirements change, our board will consider all changes and look to adopt those changes.

The safety of our athletes, coaches, and spectators is our utmost priority.  We believe we are in the home stretch, and ask for your patience and support in meeting these requirements.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either league President, Julie Blackwell (jblackwell13 or Vice President, Mike Gormley (mikegormley

February 3, 2021

Youth Sports Restrictions Still In Place

The state restrictions regarding youth sports are still in effect.  The impact on softball at this time has more to do with pre-season preparation and practices, than it does for games.  As of this time...

   - Charlton Softball will not be holding player evaluations for the spring season.
   - We anticipate that the school gymnasiums will not be available for our traditional indoor March practices.
   - We are hopeful that the school fields will be made available in the spring.
   - We will not be holding our season opening Spaghetti Dinner.
   - Due to the lack of indoor practice, we will delay the start of games until around April vacation.
   - Once fields are playable (snow melts, fields dry), teams will have the ability to practice on the town fields behind the library.
   - With the start of the season delayed a few weeks, we will continue our season into late June.

August 11, 2020

Spectator Limits and Face Coverings at All Softball Events

The following order is being put in place today by the state...

“Face Coverings: For gatherings of more than 10 people, all persons over the age of two must wear a face covering when they attend indoor and outdoor gatherings where participants other than those in the same household will be in attendance, unless they are prevented from wearing a face covering by a medical or disabling condition. This restriction applies to gatherings in all venues and locations, including private homes, backyards, parks, athletic fields, and parking lots.”

This order means that anyone (spectator) who is attending a Charlton Softball/Wildfire game or practice must be wearing a mask. This is regardless of social distance.

For Wildfire competitions, we have added in additional restrictions.
  • Teams cannot leave their vehicles until 45 minutes prior to their first game. Coaches may check-in one hour prior, then return to their cars.
  • Parents & spectators can find a spot by the fields 15 minutes prior to their first game.
  • There is a limit of 2 spectators per player.
  • Spectators must be from the same household.
  • All spectators are REQUIRED to wear a mask at all times, regardless of social distance.
  • Players are REQUIRED to wear a mask while in the dugout area.
  • Players are REQUIRED to wear a mask when they come up to bat.  Once they reach the base safely, they can lower their mask.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation. This has been a difficult year for our girls to say the least, so let's try to finish out the season strong.

June 3, 2020

Charlton Softball Practice Guidelines

Charlton Softball Association
Phase 2 Practice Covid-19 Plan

  1. Masks are to be worn by coaches on the field when 6 foot distance cannot be kept.  Coaches should have the mask available to put on quickly if needed.
  2. Players are exempt from wearing masks as long as they maintain social distancing standards. If parents feel more comfortable their child can wear a mask at all times.
  3. Immediate households only to attend practices as spectators.  Spectators are encouraged to remain in cars whenever possible.
  4. Masks are to be worn by any spectator that cannot keep 6 foot distance from other spectators not part of their immediate household.  During Phase 2 it is recommended that parents try to watch practice from their car if possible.
  5. Players must wait in their cars (as to not congregate) until previous team vacates the field before entering the field for practice.
  6. Players and Coaches must sanitize hands prior to entering the field of play and upon exiting the field of play.  Parents can supply personal sanitizer or use the league sanitizer (Ingredient List will be located at the outside of the snack shack)
  7. Coaches are to try to plan practices that provide social distancing to the girls and minimize shared items to the ball only.
  8. No Dugouts are to be used during practices.
  9. No shared equipment of any kind: Bats, Gloves, Batting Gloves, Helmets, Facemask, Catcher’s gear.  The ball is to be the only shared item.
  10. Players’ equipment is to be spaced out 6 feet along out of play territory.  Equipment is not to be stored in the dugout.
  11. No gum, sunflower seeds, candy or food of any kind during practice on or off the field of play.
  12. No sharing of drinks, no communal water coolers
  13. No Snack Shack availability.  The snack shack will remain closed until further notice.
  14. The restroom at Allen Field will be available, and sanitized after every practice.  Please encourage your player to use the bathroom before coming to the field to minimize use of public restrooms as much as possible.
  15. If your player is ill they must stay home.  This includes even mildly ill individuals.  Prior to coming to practice please check with your child about her health.
  16. If a player has come in contact with someone known to have or suspected to have COVID-19, we request they not attend any softball activities for 14 days.


These strict standards have been put together with great care and consideration for the safety of each player and coach.  We ask that you take them seriously and work with us so we can get our girls out on the field while maintaining everyone’s safety.

March 18, 2020

Softball Activities Suspended until May 11

Dear Parents:

Late yesterday, Little League International recommended all programs delay the start of the 2020 season until May 11 (previously it was April 7).  Charlton Softball will continue to follow Little League guidelines, and therefore we are suspending all league activities until at least May 11.

The Executive Board will be meeting next week to discuss how this will shape our season for 2020.  Obviously the season will be unlike anything we’ve ever experienced, but we also understand and want to try to provide some normalcy for the kids - as long as it is safe to do so.

Dick’s Sporting Goods just announced they will be closing their stores for the next two weeks.  Therefore, there will be no Shop Day this weekend.  We are working with Dick's to see if they will be rescheduling it to later in the spring.

We will continue to update you via email, our web site, and via our Facebook page, as things develop in the coming weeks.  Stay safe.

March 12, 2020

Charlton Softball Suspends All Activities Until April 7

The Executive Board of Charlton Softball Association met earlier this week to discuss general league matters, and as you can guess a large portion of our discussion revolved around the coronavirus.  Even in the last 48 hours, the landscape has changed.  We at Charlton Softball place the safety and well being of our players at the top of our priority list.
Today, Little League International urged all programs to suspend activities until at least April 6.  Both Charlton Softball and Baseball have agreed to abide by that recommendation.
As of this evening, March 12, all softball activities have been suspended until AT LEAST APRIL 6.  We will monitor the situation over the coming days and weeks, and will adjust accordingly.  This means...
  • No indoor school practices.
  • No batting cages at Energy Athletics.
  • No outdoor practices or games.
The spaghetti supper, scheduled for April 6, has been postponed to a later date.  We will work with our vendors to hold it as soon as we can, but at this time we will not be holding it as scheduled.  There are just too many unknowns.
Additionally, we will be holding off on creating a game schedule until we know more about when we will be able to get on the field.
We know this comes as a disappointment to many, but as stated earlier, the safety of our players and community is our primary concern.
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