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Centerville Wee Elks

FAQ for COVID 19

Does my child have to wear a mask to practice?

Your child should enter the park wearing a mask, but during practice the mask can be removed and put with his personal belongings.

Will the coaches have masks on?

The coaches will enter the park with masks, but may need to remove them to provide instruction.

Will the children have their own equipment?

Yes, each child will have their own equipment and this cannot be shared with anyone else.

Can I come to practice?

At this time, we are not permitting parents at practice. This is to reduce exposure and minimize the chance of ending our season early.

Where do I drop off my child?

You can drop your child off at the park entrance by the restrooms and they will walk to their practice field. We will have board members ensuring children get to their fields.

What if my child isn't feeling well?

If your child displays any symptoms related to COVID-19 they will be required to be evaluated by a physician. They will not be permitted to attend any practices, games, or Wee Elks functions until receiving a negative COVID test, or 14 days after symptom resolution, whichever comes first.

What screening process is in place for practices?

Every parent is required to submit a symptom assessment prior to EVERY practice (beginning once evals are over). If this is not done by 5:30pm on the day of practice, your child will not be allowed to practice for that day. Coaches must also complete symptom assessments prior to each practice. More information on how to complete these will be given out next week.

What if a member of my child's household tests positive?

If a household member tests positive, your child must quarantine for 14 days and will need a negative COVID test to return.

What if my child is injured during practice?

Team Moms and volunteers will be present at practices and will alert you via phone call and/or text if your child has been injured or is ill.

What safety measures are you putting in place at practices to reduce risk?

-As much as possible, we will keep kids in smaller groups rotating through drills. -Hand sanitizer will be used by everyone before the start of, at conclusion of, and as needed during practice.

-Equipment will be sanitized frequently.

-Whenever possible, players will maintain social distancing during drills.
-Coaches and volunteers will be wearing masks per ODH and park guidelines.
-Coaches may not attend practices or games if displaying symptoms of COVID-19 and must have a negative test to return.

What if I forgot to do my child's symptom assessment before practice?

Your child will not be permitted to practice if this is not completed by 5:30pm the day of practice (beginning after evals). No exceptions.