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Information and FAQs About the Saint Vrain FC Merger with Real Colorado

How did we get here?

During strategic planning, we identified a list of primary focus areas including:

  • Building strong community-focused programming with a place for players at all levels

  • Creating a long-term focus on player development 

  • Providing tools for creating lifelong leaders on & off the field

  • Preserving the financial health of the organization

Growth was identified as a critical component to enabling these focus areas, with the option to pursue partnerships and/or continue growing organically.At the same time, it became known that Real Colorado was making plans to head into communities surrounding Longmont.  From there, our shared vision for youth soccer in Colorado was so aligned that the rest became a natural progression.

Why didn’t we merge with the other clubs in Boulder County?  

In order for the club to look to collaborate with another organization at any level, our strategic vision and primary focus areas need to be aligned. Real Colorado is the only partner we felt truly fit these requirements.

Who is Real Colorado?

“The development of kids on and off the field” 

Real Colorado is a youth organization that uses soccer as the mechanism to turn great kids into great adults. 

Real Colorado is one of the top youth soccer clubs in the United States (Ranked #5).  Evidence of this is the invitation and participation in every national league of significance which has started in the United States, including being an original member in many of these leagues. For example, The US Soccer Development Academy – boys and girls, the Elite Clubs National League – boys and girls, and most recently MLS Next.

The historical knowledge and leadership that Real Colorado possesses will help steer the huge growth potential in the Saint Vrain Valley and surrounding areas.  No other club can claim the consistency of leadership Real Colorado can, and without consistency of leadership, a business is just a next idea or another hire away from having to do it all over again.  Real Colorado's staff will work to develop the current Saint Vrain FC staff so the players in the Longmont area experience Real Colorado as their own, and not simply the northern version of it.

Players Legacy

College Alumni since 2001 

Over 350 alumni- girls went on to play collegiate soccer since 2001
Over 280 alumni – boys went on to play collegiate soccer since 2001

Professional Alumni since 2001 

14 men
8 women

US Soccer Youth National Team Invitations since 2001

49 girls – 2 additional with Canada
31 boys – 2 additional with Canada

US Soccer National Team Appearances since 2001

5 women – 1 additional with Canada
2 men – 1 additional with Canada

Championship Successes

Since 2000

137 CSA State Finalists
63 CSA State Champions
7 Region IV Champions
1 USY National Champion
1 US Soccer Development Academy National Champion
2021, ranked #7 respectively overall in the ECNL Girls

Why does Real Colorado want to merge with Saint Vrain FC?

Real Colorado wants to grow as the premier club that serves the entire state of Colorado. Real Colorado is always looking to align with groups that are creating a great experience for the community. Real Colorado found a great partner in Saint Vrain FC that was able to share their community-forward focus. Saint Vrain FC provides Real Colorado a springboard to accelerate their vision by several years.

Real Colorado recognizes the value of being a community-based organization and applauds the quality of club and culture that Saint Vrain FC has developed. 

Why can’t Saint Vrain FC just stay the same?

We can. Saint Vrain FC is currently a financially healthy organization, and we have shown growth and stability both on and off the field, even throughout the pandemic.  That said, we have lofty goals and a vision of growth over the next several decades. Merging with Real Colorado allows us to not only meet, but exceed our strategic targets. 

How does this benefit our community?

Accelerates our own growth plan by decades:

  • Retains our commitment to community-based soccer programming while enabling growth beyond our current offerings to our players.

  • Expands our player pathway and programming access from early rec to elite level play (MLS Next, ECNL, Division 1 College, Professional) so we can appropriately match the talent, skill, and effort of each individual player, thereby creating a more positive experience for players.

  • Acquires Technical Staff & Coach development opportunities

  • Increases access to partnerships that reduce cost and increase benefits for our community (i.e., ConnectSports, direct agreement with Nike).

  • Leverages Technical Staff & Coaches access to player development processes proven to enable a depth of talent able to compete within the highest levels of youth soccer.

Why should families choose Real Colorado over Competitors?

As noted above, Real Colorado is consistently ranked as one of the top clubs in the country, and are also recognized nationally for developing players all the way up to the US National teams.  This track record of success will be available and implemented in the Saint Vrain Valley. 

Who do I contact for questions?

Please contact your Director of Coaching.

General Questions: mergerque[email protected]

  • Please allow 2 business days for response. 

What are the opportunities to learn more about this change?

Parent meeting and town hall: Thursday, September 9th at 8pm: 

What will we see immediately?

  • What should we expect to change this season?  

    • Coaches and Players will have access to Real Colorado programming. 

    • Branding from Saint Vrain FC to Real Colorado will be transitioned gradually over the next year to ensure that the membership isn’t impacted financially. Our goal would be to have the club fully branded by 2022.  As always, teams that recently purchased uniforms would be able to continue to wear those uniforms until the next refresh cycle. 

    • Internal business tools that do not affect players and coaches

    • Staff email addresses

    • Governing body: Board of Directors will be the Real Colorado BOD

    • Other potential positive changes as we see opportunities for growth and improvement, which will be announced as they develop

What should we expect to stay the same?

During the Fall season we will see very little impact to the normal operations.

  • The community feel and the local team dedicated to serving the community

  • Uniforms

  • Team rosters

  • Practice/Game locations and schedules

  • Staff

  • Coaches

  • League placement

  • Fees

  • Office location

  • Will there be any changes to product offerings?  We will be expanding player pathways immediately as we have access to more elite level programming (i.e., MLS Next, ECNL, etc.). Otherwise, we’ll follow the procedure of evaluating programming, camps, and tournaments as we have been in the past.

  • Will registration fees change?  Fees will be held at current levels for the 2021/2022 season. As is customary, Inflation, costs of operation and other economic factors are all evaluated in our pricing, but we will not be increasing fees due to the merger.  

  • When do we have to change uniforms?  Like what you’re in?  Keep it. Just ordered?  Use it.  Want to get the new threads?  Go for it.  We’re going to be flexible about the entire thing, with the only exception being that teams all have to match. 

  • What communication platforms will we change to? In the near term, nothing will change.  That said, if we find a better tool that improves the community, we’re going to try to implement it.  Everything is a balancing act of cost and convenience.  

Recreational Soccer FAQs

What does this mean for Rec families?  In the near future, you’ll begin to see branding and uniform changes.  However, the program itself will continue to operate as it has been for the foreseeable future with the standard changes in age groups and programming to provide the best youth soccer experience possible.  

Will practice fields and locations change?  No. We have established a precedent with our community providers and don’t intend to ask families to drive further than they currently do for their current programming.  We not only want it to be fun, but convenient as well.

Can I still be a coach for my child’s Rec team?  Absolutely!  The youth soccer world revolves around volunteers like you!

How does registration change?  In the short-term, we’ll continue to operate with SportsConnect, but we’re hoping to improve our registration software in the not-too-distant future.

Will pricing change?  As is customary, inflation, costs of operation, and other economic factors are all evaluated in our pricing, but we will not be increasing fees due to the merger.  Our objective is that money should not be a barrier to entry for the world’s game.

How will community partners be impacted?  At present, we don’t see the need to change.  That said, every program is evaluated on an annual basis to establish the best possible club environment. 

Will the office location change?  We will still maintain our presence in Longmont, but may now expand to multiple locations to serve the surrounding communities effectively.

Competitive Soccer FAQs

Will my coach change?  We will be continuing with our rotation of coaches, ideally every 2 years outside of High School age groups.  For the near term, no coaching changes are anticipated.

Will practice fields or locations change?  Not immediately.  As with other strategic initiatives, we have a greater vision for growth and advancement of our facilities, while aiming for continuous improvement in current local facilities.  

Am I still on my current team or do I have to re-tryout?  Aside from High School boys and per Colorado Soccer Association (CSA), tryouts will be held beginning the day after Memorial Day of ’22 to prepare for the Fall ‘22/Spring ’23 season.  Current teams will continue on as normal, playing at the same level they are already slated for in the current calendar year.  

How does this impact team formation? A larger club creates a better soccer experience because it allows a club to reduce the range of ability on a single team, keeping players of similar ability together.  This creates a fun environment for the players as well as the coaches.

A larger club also provides the ability to have teams filling more "rungs" in the various levels of CSA.  As above, having teams in each of the leagues of CSA helps players find teammates and opponents in a similar development cycle to their own.  This is the optimum space for development and fun.

Does this mean I can try out for elite programming (ECNL/MLS Next)?  Being a member of Real Colorado puts top Saint Vrain FC players into a pathway, should their talent, effort, and desire match to participate in these programs at the right time.  Furthermore, it permits top players from Saint Vrain FC to continue with their current teams, while benefiting from training opportunities with the elite programming of Real Colorado until they become ready (and even if they don’t).

Part of our organizational strategy is to ensure we have the most robust internal scouting network possible.  Saint Vrain FC coaches will be invited to participate and educate themselves in what the level of play looks like and recommend players ready for such programming.  Additionally, players on the verge of being ready will have additional opportunities to train and possibly play with the Elite programs.

What does this merger give me access to as a player?  This merger will provide opportunities for players to experience a complete player pathway from knowing absolutely nothing about the game of soccer to the most elite professional and international stages.

How does this impact the college advisory program (CAP)?  The CAP program will expand by leaps and bounds as the resources now available to players within the Saint Vrain soccer community will grow to include a mature network of coaches.  While a player’s academic and soccer talents are the single most important pieces to getting an opportunity to play soccer in college, Real Colorado’s agreement with ConnectSports affords all Real Colorado players the ability to work in a platform to help investigate and communicate with college programs to assist our players in the process of finding a school that fits their unique social, academic, and athletic needs.

How is Real Colorado’s player development process different?  Real Colorado recognizes the quality of work the team at Saint Vrain FC has put into the community since 2008.  Real Colorado staff is nationally recognized and has gone through rigorous studies with US Soccer to refine the club’s philosophies of soccer, teaching, players, and talent development.  This process has led to the development of players who are reaching the highest level of play in the world for the club’s elite athletes and creating depth of talent where our 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th teams are playing in the CSA Champions League Premier 1, 2, 3 and 4 divisions.  We believe that not only can we improve the local community with this partnership, but also improve the greater Real Colorado community as a whole by the exchange of ideas.

What will we name the teams?  This is a detail we have yet to discuss as we have plenty of time before re-registering teams in the fall of ’22. However, we will look for ways to celebrate and honor our heritage as we move forward. 

Will the scholarship program be offered?  Team and tournament scholarship programs will not only still be offered, but expanded as the financial strength of the new entity will be bolstered.

Team Coach FAQs

How are coaches trained differently at Real Colorado - or are they?  Real Colorado often gets access to interact with US Soccer, getting to see firsthand the level, terminology, focus, and leadership of the greatest minds in the game. 

How will the leadership change?  The Saint Vrain FC Technical Staff will continue to be the strongest voices in the Saint Vrain Valley, supported by the experience, knowledge, and resources of the greater Real Colorado Community.

How does this impact any scheduled travel or tournaments we have planned?  For the short-term, it won’t.  Long-term, we’ll have access to more options and better tournament opportunities.  

Where will coaching courses be held?  Mentoring Program?  We will continue to provide local courses and mentoring with additional training options virtually and in person, in conjunction with Real Colorado Coaches in the South Denver area.

Are licenses still supplemented for/reimbursed?  Yes, and encouraged!

Contact Us

Real Colorado (formerly Saint Vrain FC)

795 South Sherman Street, Unit #8
Longmont, Colorado 80501

Phone: 303-651-3109
Email: [email protected]

Real Colorado (formerly Saint Vrain FC)

795 South Sherman Street, Unit #8
Longmont, Colorado 80501

Phone: 303-651-3109
Email: [email protected]
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