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Welcome BASA members. Please see the following video from our Coaching Director, Tim Zundel.

Current Message

During this time away from the fields and our teammates, we want to stress health and safety as well as provide training materials for those who are able to continue to practice on their own. We will be updating the page regularly with more content.

BASA FlipGrid Channel

We are rolling out a new virtual soccer platform that will let our athletes practice skills and compete in real soccer challenges. The goal behind this is that we want to give our athletes and families an opportunity to take part in soccer activities and have the chance for Coach Zundel to interact with them and give them feedback. There will be new skills/ challenges that will be age appropriate for all age groups both in-house and travel.


This platform will be conducted by our Director of Coaching. He will posts skill reviews and challenges using the Flipgrid app to compliment the learning videos that are posted to our BASA website. This app is private for only the people with the codes and all videos that are sent in are only posted to the site after Coach Zundel or another administrator approves the video first. Once the video is posted, our athletes will be able to add video comments and interact with each other. 

Instructions (if using your phone or tablet):

1.) Download the app (FlipGrid)

2.) Click student

     Flip Code- basasoccer2020

     Password: Soccerisfun2020

3. Click on the drop down box to view the different challenges. 

4. To create a response / video you can hit the green + button at the bottom of the screen. 

5. You can either login to a Google or Microsoft account if your family has one or you can create one for free. 

6. Once you log in it takes you to the camera screen, press record and record your response. 

7. After you record your video response, hit the green arrow at the bottom of the screen. 

8. Then take a selfie by hitting the green arrow again and hit submit. 


Video to explain recording for students:

Field Status

Open Open

Highland Middle School (10:04 PM | 10/23/20)

Open Open

Wright Fields, Veterans Park (10:04 PM | 10/23/20)

Open Open

Turf Field (10:04 PM | 10/23/20)

Open Open

Field 4 (11:33 PM | 04/30/21)

Open Open

Field 5a (11:33 PM | 04/30/21)

Open Open

Field 5b (11:33 PM | 04/30/21)

Open Open

Field 4 - U6 B (11:33 PM | 04/30/21)

Open Open

Field 4 - U8 A (11:33 PM | 04/30/21)

Open Open

Field 4 - U6 A (11:33 PM | 04/30/21)

Open Open

Field 4 - U8 B (11:33 PM | 04/30/21)

Open Open

Field 7 (04:11 PM | 05/12/21)