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Ball Mastery Camp

Coerver Ball Mastery Camp

Times, dates, and locations will vary depending on the camp location. Please click on "More Details" for logistic information for your specific camp!

The Coerver® Ball Mastery Camp is open to boys and girls between 8-16 years. Soccer players are divided first by ability then by age into groups with a typical coaching ratio of 16 to 1. This soccer training program consists of (5) 3 hour sessions.   

The Coerver® Ball Mastery Camp develops individual skill in all areas of the game with emphasis on Ball Mastery and beginning Move Sets. To develop confidence, soccer players are given time to gain competence in new skills before defensive pressure is added. When a level of competence has been established, small sided games which encourage the use of new skills are played.    

Mint Hill Soccer Ball Mastery Camp

Registration Dates: 05/07/2018 to 06/25/2018
Start and End Dates: 06/25/2018 to 06/29/2018

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First Soccer Skills Camp


Times- 9-11
Days- M, T, W, TH, F

The First Soccer Skills Camp is designed for players from the ages of 4-7. Each day will be full of skill exercises and small sided games to make each participant great soccer players!   

The curriculum will be centered around  The World's #1 Soccer Skills Teaching Program - Coerver Coaching. With over 25 years experience of teaching the world's best players we will jump start your little one with great skill habits.   

Our Staff is experienced at working with the "wee ones" and we know how to keep them engaged. We will cover individual ball skills to give them a comfort level when playing with others. We will also introduce group play (team mates) to start understanding the word "team".  

Mint Hill Soccer First Skills Camp

Registration Dates: 05/07/2018 to 06/25/2018
Start and End Dates: 06/25/2018 to 06/29/2018

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Advanced Players Camp

The Advanced camps are available to players over 9 who have been to Coerver programs previously or who have experience playing select soccer. The Advanced level teaches more complicated moves and swiftly puts players into competitive environments with an emphasis on 1v1 and 2v2 play in the morning. Small group tactics are also taught and small-sided games are played featuring fast break attack and counter attack.

The importance of fast transition play is stressed and players are encouraged to play creatively and freely and to use their new skills in games. Players are also put in many situations requiring decision-making as that is a key ingredient to advanced play. Advanced campers compete in the adidas 5-3-1 competition, each day where they are put in a series of competitive team environments and their scores are calculated each day. The teams and challenges change every day and each player’s scores are compiled throughout the week. The winner of the week long competition is recognized at our awards ceremony on Friday.

At all levels, games are played to encourage the use of the specific skills being taught that day. Nearly three decades of cooperative curriculum development affords us a finely tuned method for getting the skills incorporated into the competitive environment as quickly as possible while building confidence along the way. The difficulty of the moves we teach and the intensity of the competition increases at each level.

Mint Hill Soccer Advanced Players Camp

Registration Dates: 05/07/2018 to 06/25/2018
Start and End Dates: 06/25/2018 to 06/29/2018

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