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5 v 5 Coerver Cup: June 18 BVSW High School (Overland Park, KS)

Coerver® Cup 5v5 Tournaments are played on a unique field that sets the stage for exciting, fast paced, attacking soccer.

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In the Coerver Cup format, the field size will allow players to get maximum touches on the ball, and will allow for multiple coaching opportunities. Players will be presented with a number of 1v1 situations for them to practice their skills on the ball. The 5v5 format will assert the importance of a team aspect and encourage everyone to communicate and work hard for one another. Coerver Cup is a great individual and team event that will help your players transition to the bigger field!

All you need to sign up are 4 field players, a goalie, and a will to get better! With 2 point goals, substitutions on the fly, and a 24 minute running clock, you’ll be sure to have a blast!

Roster Size: 9 players MAXIMUM
Cost: $250

Field Size:

36 x 48 yards (2 point shooting line 14 yards out)
Goal Size: 4ft High x 16ft Wide

1 point for goals scored inside the shooting line. 2 points for goals scored outside shooting line.

24 minute games (2) – 12 min halves) with a 2 minute half time 4 game guarantee depending on the amount of teams in an age group.

Teams play round robin in qualifying pool Groups can consist of 3,4,5, or 6 teams. Coerver Cup directors reserve the right to make the decision on the group size based on the number of teams that sign up. Teams will be notified of their group breakdown when the schedule is released two days prior to the start of the tournament. 3 points for win, 1 point for tie, 0 points for loss. Top 2 teams from each bracket advance to knockout stage. ALL teams will have a final ranking In case of tie, winner decided by head to head record If still tied, decided by best goal differential If still tied, team with most goals If still tied, penalty kick shootout to decide.

Playoffs: Any ties after regulation time will be settled by a shootout.

Penalty Kick Shootout: Kicker starts at the 2 point line, Goalkeeper on the goal line Referee signals start with a blow of the whistle Kicker has 5 seconds to shoot the ball, no rebounds Goal is awarded if ball passes the goal line, shot must have occurred before the 5 second rule 3 shooters followed by 1, 1, 1 Team leading after 3 kicks wins If tied after 3, go to sudden death thereafter If tied after 8 kicks, return to shooter #1

FIFA rules apply

Defending team must stand behind their 2 point line on all kickoffs

No Off-Sides

No throw ins:  All restarts from out of bounds are indirect kick-ins, defending team must be at least 8 yards away.

Corner Kick:
Are direct

Goal Kicks:
Are indirect. Defensive teams must stand behind nearest 2 point line.

Fouls outside shooting line are direct, fouls inside shooting line are indirect

Defensive Walls:
8 yards from spot of ball

Pass backs cannot be picked up by the GK, but the GK can play the ball with his/her feet anywhere on the field.

Violent and dangerous play will not be tolerated and can be cause for removal from the tournament. Coerver does not support any negative and abusive language towards another team, spectator, ref, or worker and they hold the right to ask the guilty party to leave the ground.

Cannot be changed after check in. Teams violating this policy will forfeit game(s) in question in group stage and not be allowed to progress to a knockout game.

May enter the game at will between the 2 point lines after their teammate has exited the field. Exiting player must be inside the 2 point lines as well. Substitutions are “on the fly”. No stoppage of play is necessary for the substitution to take place.

Late Team Rule:
The team late within the first 5 minutes, receives 1 goal against them. Teams more than 8 minutes late forfeits the game with a default score of 2-0 to the opposing team. If both teams are late more than 8 minutes, the game will be recorded as a 2-0 loss for both teams

The Tournament Directors:
Have the final decision in any dispute or conflict that may occur.

Schedules Results and Standings:
After every game the referee will complete a game card to report the score. The winning team coach must verify the score of the game otherwise incorrect scores will have an affect on the official standings. Score cards will be handed in directly from the referee to the main tent, where scores will be documented and recorded for all teams to see.

Official Game Ball:
Game balls will be provided by Coerver. If extra balls are needed at any point in the game one may be provided from a team that is playing. U8-U12 Size 4, U13-U18 Size 5.

Placement of Teams and Spectators:
Teams and Coaches only, will position themselves on the same side of the field. Coaches must stay on their half of the field and are not allowed to coach from any other position. All spectators will be allowed to sit on the opposite sideline. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children at all times, in an event that a child goes missing contact a Coerver employee immediately and they will notify the police.

Coerver Prohibits any drug and alcohol use at the event, anyone who is in violation of this will be ejected from the grounds. Any vandalism on the grounds will also be cause for removal.

Yellow Cards:
Yellow cards will be administered as per FIFA laws of the game. A player who is issued a yellow card will be asked to leave the field for two minutes. During those two minutes the team must play down one player for the duration of the time or until the other team scores a goal. If the other team scores a goal the player who received the yellow will be allowed to step back on. Two Yellow cards in the same game will result in a Red card and the team will be forced to play a man down for the remainder of that current game.

Red Cards:
Red cards will be administered as per FIFA laws of the game. Any player who receives a straight Red card will not be allowed to play in the current game and the rest of the tournament. Any coach who receives a Red Card will not be allowed to be anywhere near the field of play and will not be allowed to be present on the sidelines for the remainder of the event.

NO protests can be made by judgment calls made by the referee. All calls on the field are final. Express any concerns about violations of Coerver Cup rules to the main scores tent, one director will be present there at all times. If you have any questions about rules regarding gameplay be sure to ask your ref before the game starts. If they cannot help please report to the main tent and a director will be able to answer any question.

Tournament directors have the right to suspend a game due to lightning or severe weather warnings. A game may be suspended without being cancelled or considered complete in the second half of play. If the decision to cancel the game is made, and one half of play has been completed, the results will stand and reflect a completed match. If it is necessary to suspend games due to weather, updates will be made to coaches at the field, and emails will be sent to all coaches. The website will also be updated with information. When a game is postponed due to lightning, coaches, players and fans should proceed to the nearest safe location: cars or a building. Please make sure you clear the field! Instructions for resuming games will be given through referees at their fields. If the weather or the condition of the fields make it impossible to carry out the tournament to its full extent, every effort will be made to play out the remaining games on the schedule the following day.

Coaches are considered guardians for underage players when the parents are unavailable. They have the responsibility to make decisions in the best interest of the health and safety of the players. A coach’s decision to let a player play against recommendations of medical staff may leave the coach open to legal liability. If a coach is not of age, the team is required to have an official representative who is of age to act as legal guardian.


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