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Game Schedules


Spring 2018 Schedules are being posted right now. Please make sure to look for your coach’s name on your player's corresponding birth year schedule. If your team number is listed as the first number on the schedule then your team is considered the Home team and should wear their white Vantage jersey. The Away teams (or 2nd number listed) will wear their royal blue Vantage jerseys.

If you coach U9 or older and need to reschedule a game please contact the Referee Assignor, Scott Carlson, at so he can put your new game date/time on the schedule for referees to request to work. You have to allow ample time (we ask for at least 3-5 days) if you are rescheduling a game for a different date. Additionally, if your game is being canceled for any reason, Scott Carlson must be advised so he can alert his officials of the cancellation. NELSA has to pay any officials who show even if a match is canceled and we are not made aware.


Please see the Spring 2018 NELSA Rec schedules below.

U4/U5/U6 Boys and Girls Game Schedules
2014 (U4) Co-Ed Schedule
2013 (U5) Boys Schedule REVISED
2013 (U5) Girls Schedule REVISED
2012 (U6) Boys Schedule REVISED
2012 (U6) Girls Schedule REVISED

U7/U8 Boys and Girls Game Schedules
2011 (U7) Boys Schedule REVISED
2011 (U7) Girls Schedule REVISED
2010 (U8) Boys Schedule REVISED
2010 (U8) Girls Schedule REVISED

U9/U10/U11/U12/U13 boys and Girls Game Schedules
2009 (U9) Boys Schedule REVISED
2009 (U9) Girls Schedule REVISED
2008 (U10) Boys Schedule REVISED
2006-2008 (U10/U11/U12) Girls Schedule REVISED
2005-2007 (U11/U12/U13) Boys Schedule REVISED



DOC Schedule