Welcome to the registration site for MUSC’s Youth Recreational Teams!

Please contact our Recreational Director if you would like to see if there is a spot available on a team in your child's age group.
Jr. Academy Clinics will stay open!  
There are no late fees for TOPsoccer, Wee-Kicks & Jr. Academy.
(updated on 3/14/2017) !  

TOPSoccer is now open no need to read below, just click here to get started.
U3 - Wee Kicks - born in 2014 is NOW FULL/ CLOSED no need to read below  click here for details about the program.  We may have this program again in the Fall, definitely again next Spring!

 has already begun for U4&U5 players ( born in 2012&2013).
All sessions are a few weeks into the season.  Please sign up for Fall FUN in early August! 

Jr. Academy Skills Clinics- these are CLINICS ONLY and meet once or twice during the week, no weekend games.

  • Junior Academy Clinics (NOT TEAMS, but extra training sessions) will be set up as "events"
  • these skills clinics have set times/ dates but again - NO TEAM PLAY
  • you can do these in addition to being on a team OR instead of being on a team, ages U6-U10

Junior Academy Clinic Nights 
- Monday, St. Francis: U6, 5:30 PM   U7-U10, 6:30PM
-Wednesday, Laurel Point: U6-U10 (combined session), 5:30PM

If you plan to register for RECREATIONAL Soccer ( with teams and games) in addition to the Clinics, follow the information below to sign up for Recreational Soccer, after that registration you will be prompted to sign up for the Jr. Academy Clinics too.

If you would like to ONLY attend the Jr. Academy Clinics you can use the following link and skip information on the remainder of the page:


Recreational Updates and Program Information ( 3/14/2017)
Details will remain below, but Recreation Soccer Registration is CLOSED. ($80+$20 late fees)

Coaches will provide you with Game and practice information within the next two weeks. Keep an eye on the email you provided to us during registration.
Games are targetted to begin the First Week in april, U6 games begin the Saturday after Easter and will run for 5 Saturdays straight between the times of 9-1.  Coaches will provide you with Game and practice information within the next two weeks.

  • we will combine years as follows:

 FUNdamentals  ($70+$20 late fees)will include:  U4= 2013, U5= 2012,

  • During registration for FUNdamentals, You can choose date/ times by location:
  • Tues at Cheat Lake (CL)options are 5:30pm or 6:30pm  ( plus Fridays same time at CL 5:30 or 6:30)
  • Wednesday at St. Francis (SF) options are 5:30pm or 6:30pm ( plus Fridays same time at LP 5:30 or 6:30)
  • Thursdays at Laurel Point (LP) is combined at 6:00pm (plus Fridays at LP at 5:30)
  • Also, all FUN players will participate in Parent Led free play on Fridays.
  • The first date of training is the week beginning April 3rd, and the last is the week beginning May 22nd, all play will end Friday May 26th weather permitting.
  • Take #3 Ball, shin guards, soccer or tennis shoes, and water to every session.
  • You will not get a call from a coach, the session dates are pre-set, so prepare to show up to the session you register for.
  • Important messages will be sent to all via email so make sure to register a good email address.



U8 will include:  U7= 2010, U8= 2009,

U10 will include:  U9=2008,  U10= 2007,

U12 will include:  U11= 2006, U12=2005,

U14 will include:  U13= 2004, U14= 2003,

U16 will include:  U15= 2002, U16= 2001,

U18/19 will include:  U17=2000,  U18= 1999, U19/20= Aug 1, 1997 - Dec 31, 1998.

Other Recreational ages ( U6-U19) will NOT be able to choose their training night.  

  • We will assign you a Coach and a Team and the Coach then gets to pick what night you train.  This is a benefit of Coaching.
  • You will get a call from your coach the week practice begins.
  • Always take a ball, shin guards, soccer shoes and water to each session
  • All Out of State players must get permission EACH YEAR for the August- July time-frame to play in WV.
  • All International players must get permission ONCE to participate in our club.  Once this is done you do not have to repeat it for MUSC. Information found below:  

Players Cannot be placed on a team without this clearance!  see links at bottom of page

We would love for you to Coach - Coaching Requirements -

NOTE: some of the  FALL coaches need to go back into RM and provide their SS# !  some browsers skipped this question and it must be completed for activation of your teams! Do not use your phone for this.

  •  Risk Management will be completed using this new system (same system from the Fall).
  • Concussion Awareness is every 2 years.  Uploading the certificate into this system is necessary.  tip: you can take a photo with your phone and email it to yourself to get a digital copy on your computer - OR save as a PDF when you complete the session.
  •  Free Concussion on-line courses can be found at:  http://www.wvsoccer.net/resources/concussion_information__safety/

The State has switched to a new Registration system.  COACHES will be responsible for:
        - uploading your concussion certificate into the program (only need to do this one time)
        - uploading a photo of you into the system

Volunteers :  Coaches, Team Parents, Concession Stand, and other Volunteer Positions

We can’t say this enough- MUSC relies on its volunteers, and Coaches are the face of our club.  This is a great way to get to know other parents, players, and staff, as well as to get involved with the program, or to give back to the program and community.  This is YOUR club, and we hope you’ll be part of it for a LONG time!  There are always needs for volunteers at both the team and club level, and any assistance makes a difference for someone.  For information on positions and to get started, please contact one of the members on the MUSC Board of Directors, or send an email to info@muscwv.com. Please also check the appropriate areas in Section VIII of the player registration application.

Non-residents of WV and Non-US Citizens Registration Options:

All Non-Residents of WV and Non-US Citizens
Non-Residents - you will need to get permission from your State to play in WV.  This is done each Summer for the upcoming August - July Soccer Year.  Directions for this will be available at the State website at the following link:

Non-Citizens need to get clearance one time to participate in our club
Directions for this will be available at the State website at the following link:


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