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(* NOTE: WV non-residents and/or non-US citizens please see registration note at the bottom of this page!)

Welcome to Mountaineer United Soccer Club's 2016-2017 Academy Season!

This link is NOT for Recreational Soccer, it is ONLY for Academy (Travel) Soccer!

Rates for Travel/ Academy soccer have been set for the year, based on activities anticipated for each age group/team.  If a team chooses to do any additional activities, or if they advance to Regionals in the Summer, there will be additional fees to cover these extra expenses.  

MUSC Academy Expectations and Commitment for August 2016 - July 2017 Soccer Year

The “Club” Philosophy
MUSC is a true Club. All players and parents are Club members, and this takes precedence over membership on their individual teams. We ask all of our members to keep this in mind, as they participate in MUSC activities and events. We need to be supportive of all MUSC members and teams, not just the teams on which our children participate. Similarly, the Board must act in the best interests of the Club as a whole, and not specific teams or players. We all share in the Club’s success.

What to Expect: Commitment
Please also note that WVSA team rosters are for the ENTIRE SOCCER YEAR (August through July). The soccer year includes three seasons: Fall (training and matches; Aug–Nov), Winter (training intensive; Nov-March), and Spring (training and matches; March-July) seasons. All players are required to participate in winter training. Academy teams typically train twice per week during fall and spring seasons, and play one game per weekend. Most Academy teams U11-U18 play in the PA West League. Some of the higher-level Academy teams also play in nationally recognized premier leagues such as the Colonial or Buckeye Leagues. Teams also attend one to two tournaments per season, usually within moderate driving distance from Morgantown (but may require overnight stays). Academy teams U12 and above are also expected to participate in the US Youth Soccers’ National Championship tournament, beginning with the West Virginia State Championship tournament in Beckley, WV.

MUSC and the Player Pool Concept:
Why is the Pool Concept Beneficial?

The concept of a “pool” is simply to bring together a larger collection of talent to train together each practice session. The old system of “team” training basically limited training to the same players on individual teams training by themselves. The “pool” system will allow more players to train together through the season, and this will create more opportunity for development.  There are no preset static "team" rosters.  Rosters are determined by the Coach and/or DoC on an event-by-event (e.g., friendly, tournament, State Cup) basis based on many factors.

Why Pools?
Competition breeds development success.
Under the previous model of individual team training, players on the top teams did not compete for their playing opportunity day in day out. There really was little competition in training. By “pool” training and having more fluid rosters, you naturally increase the intensity of training. Players naturally feel a desire to compete in a larger pool. This competition results in players training more intensely; meaning at greater speed and precision. There is an old adage that states; “you play as well as you practice.” By introducing a greater competitive spirit in the training sessions, the players will learn to play with greater speed and precision.

More Fluid Rostering. This is a concept that is not new.  It just wasn't actively managed from a club perspective. In fact, many clubs leverage guest player policies to allow players from another team within the club to play.  There are multiple advantages to using the “more fluid roster” concept.  Here are a few:

1.  Families can plan travel (e.g., vacations) and not feel the pressure of leaving the team down a player for a match or tournament.
2.  Naturally players can become injured.  The player pool allows another player to step in and fill the void seamlessly.
3.  Conflicts arise (e.g., academic school related activities, religious or family obligations) and having the ability to move players to accommodate for conflicts ensures that teams are traveling with a full complement of players.

What to Expect: Costs
Costs vary per team, depending on tournaments, leagues and other miscellaneous costs. While the Club endeavors to keep costs as affordable as possible, families can expect to pay:

  • $350-$500 Fall Season
  • $200-$350 Winter Training (mid-Jan - mid-March)
  • $450-$650 Spring Season
  • U9/U10s will have the lowest fees for the year - these will run around $750-$950 * (the winter participation will dictate where the player falls in that range. The older age groups include winter in their Full fees)
  • U11/12 are set at $1400 *
  • U13/14 fees are set at $1500 *
  • HS kids  "Showcase team" - Trains in November and attends high level tournaments - $1300 *
  • HS kids "Non-Showcase team" - begin in January - $800 * 

Please note: These fees do not include some items such as uniform purchase or personal travel expenses.  

* If the team chooses to participate in activities beyond those laid out in the team's "initial plan" or if they advance to Regionals, additional fees will apply.

Player Fees and Payment Schedule
- We are setting up a new WV Registration system and plan to include all payments in one registration.
- Future payments are pre-determined & will be collected as installments based on the selected payment plan (e.g. monthly, bi-monthly, etc.). Regional fees, additional Tournaments, and additional winter activities are subject to additional dues.
- U10 's can include winter training as an option.
- Any HS age player can include a MUSC Strength and conditioning option which runs basically in the winter months, for $200.  An option in Elkins may be offered, and more information on this will be developed over the fall.
- Multiiple payment plans will be offered
- There is a new INSURANCE option that will replace MUSC refunding.  If you would like to insure your payments in case of injury or for other reasons, there is an Insurance plan you can opt for.  
- Credit card payments are expected and will include CC convenience fees.  Another option is E-Check which for Academy players will be a cheaper option at $5 per check. 

Anyone who would like to avoid the payment system by paying the full year in advance, will be allowed to pay this by card OR check prior to registration!

- Financial Aid - The Club will do everything possible to ensure that no player is unable to play for financial reasons. For
additional information and the Financial Aid Request Form email the MUSC Treasurer at 


1.  Age groupings have changed due to United States Youth Soccer (USYS) mandated changes across the nation.  Your children will likely be in a higher age group than you might expect and these age groups are now based on CALENDAR year instead of school year.  The age groups are listed below:

 Ages are now based on Birth Year now- all kids are impacted!  New age groups are as follows :

U7= 2010, U8= 2009, U9=2008,  U10= 2007, U11= 2006, U12=2005,  U13= 2004,

U14= 2003,  U15= 2002, U16= 2001, U17=2000,  U18= 1999, U19/20= Aug 1, 1997 - Dec 31, 1998

2.  The WV State Soccer Association (WVSA) has switched to a new Registration system. Since we all register through the state system, here are the changes that you need to know about:

YOU will be responsible for:
            - uploading your child's picture into the program
            - uploading a photo of your child's birth certificate into the system

Tip: have the photos ready. Take a picture of your B/C with your phone and email it to your computer, etc.  There will be some sizing and cropping options for the photo.

        - new user fees - $2 per player is paid once a year to Affinity (the WVSA data base). Credit Card or E-Check fees will also apply and will be included in the payment choices.  MUSC may incur the additional $2 per player fee.  We are working this out through the State Office.


There is an Insurance option that you will see during registration.  If you choose to insure your payments, you will then send any request for refund to the Insurance company.  MUSC will not be in the loop with these requests, and cannot make any refunds. Choosing the insurance option will be your choice.

Details on these changes can be found on the WVSA website: 

MUSC Academy Fee Structure:

The MUSC fees are updated this year based on actual expenses from prior years:

U10 and under - $750 for 2016/2017 Season, includes Fall & Spring

- Winter (Jan-Mar) is optional for this group and can be added for an additional $200 for: 1 day of training per week and 1 event.  You will have the opportunity to select this when you register

U11/U12 - $1400 for 2016/2017 Season 

U13/U14 ( and U15s who play all year) - $1500 for 2016/2017 Season.

·          Strength and Conditioning will be offered as an option for a $200 fee this Winter.  

U15s are considered HS with the following exception:

NOTE:  U15s who participate in the Fall will pay full year fees.  Fall U15s do not need to choose additional Showcase fees. 

U15s who participate in HS should wait to register until 10/26 and then they should choose Non-showcase or Showcase.

HS Non-Showcase - $800 for 2016/2017 Season - begins in January.

·          Strength and Conditioning will be offered as an option for a $200 fee this Winter.  

HS Showcase - $1300 for 2016/2017 Season - begins in November.  

·          Your fee will be $800 plus the $500 showcase option.

·          Strength and Conditioning will be offered as an option for a $200 fee this Winter.  

There will also be new system charges as follow:

·         The Affinity System will charge $2 per player one time during 2016/2017 Soccer Year.

·         Credit Card Convenience fees of 2.5% OR E-Check fees of $5 per usage will be applied. These will be the two payment options.


Rain-outs: We will be updating you on the NEW procedure to sign up for field closures soon!


Free course options can be found at: 

Coaches, Team Parents, Concession Stand, and other Volunteer Positions

We can’t say this enough- MUSC relies on its volunteers, and Coaches are the face of our club.  This is a great way to get to know other parents, players, and staff, as well as to get involved with the program, or to give back to the program and community.  This is YOUR club, and we hope you’ll be part of it for a LONG time!  There are always needs for volunteers at both the team and club level, and any assistance makes a difference for someone.  For information on positions and to get started, please contact one of the members on the MUSC Board of Directors, or send an email to Coaches will be required to complete a Risk Management Application and a Concussion seminar (both are online and both are free to you!) prior to the assignment to coach a youth recreational team. The Concussion seminar is only needed once every 2 years.


Will open on August 1, 2016

Non-residents of WV and Non-US Citizens Registration Options:

All Non-Residents of WV and Non-US Citizens
Non-Residents - you will need to get permission from your State to play in WV.  This is done each Summer for the upcoming August - July Soccer Year.  Directions for this will be available at the State website at the following link:

Non-Citizens need to get clearance one time to participate in our club
Directions for this will be available at the State website at the following link:


The following link/button will take you to the Academy Registration :
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