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Cedar Hill Youth Football and Cheer Organization

Extended / Independent Teams

Extended Teams

C.H.Y.F.C.O is composed of extended organizations including the Cedar Hill native teams.
How to become a part of C.H.Y.F.C.O?

1. We will house up to 8 extended teams each year. There is a fee to become a part of C.H.Y.F.C.O. New organizations pay $2700 to enter. There is nonrefundable deposit of $600. Deposit is due by May 2nd- Second Installment May 1st, and final payment August 15th. There will be no refunds after July 15th 2015. We provide payments schedules which allow organizations time gather funds.

2. It takes funding in order to administer a leagues; however the league cannot operate without football players. We require each organization to have a full silo from Flag, C, B, & A teams. Each team will be required to have a minimum of 17 players. Each team will be required to have a minimum of 14 players on each team by July 27th.

3. Due to Cedar Hill Youth Football and Cheer administering the league, CHYFCO will not be able to allow Extended teams to recruit C.H.Y.F.C.O players and cheer. Participants will have to sit out one year prior to joining any organization a part of C.H.Y.F.C.O. Participants will not be allowed to certify or play.

What’s in it for organizations joining C.H.Y.F.C.O.
1. C.H.Y.F.C.O covers all official fees.
2. C.H.Y.F.C.O covers insurance for each organization
3. C.H.Y.F.C.O provides game fields for each organization to participate.
4. C.H.Y.F.C.O provides 1st and 2nd place trophies if the team place.
5. There are not gate fees with the exception playoff and championship games.
6. C.H.Y.F.C.O provides each organization a chance to have a voice through the advisory committee.
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