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Player Commitment and Playing Time

Player Commitment 
Players are expected at all practices and games and to not miss due to other sports commitments, camps, or vacations. If there is a need for an excused absence for an unexpected family issue, etc., it needs to be approved (in advance) by the team manager and the baseball or softball All-Stars Coordinator (as applicable). Any player missing a practice and/or game will only be allowed to play the required minimum playing time at the next game.

Playing Time

The Little League Official Regulations and Playing Rules book mandates that—based upon a 12-player roster—all players submitted on the roster for each game must play a minimum of one at bat and six consecutive defensive outs.  Please understand this may be the most playing time your child receives in any given game as playing time will not be equal and is at the sole discretion of the manager.


Practices may begin as early as the day the team is announced (see Announcement of Teams) and could continue on a daily basis up to the start of the district tournament (with one day every seven (7) requiring a day off).  The league will provide additional information as the season gets closer as to the start of tournaments and the length of commitment necessary.