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All-Stars Information

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All-star Teams are made up of the top players in our league. It is an honor to be chosen, however, it also involves a 100 % commitment by each player and his/her family. Please keep in mind that All-Stars is a highly competitive season.

The ages eligible for each team are the same as the league ages of the players during the regular season.

Our league will roster 12 players for each team this season as follows: BASEBALL: There will be three baseball All-Star teams (numbers permitting)—an 8/9/10-year-old team, a 9/10/11-year-old team, and a 10/11/12-year-old team.

SOFTBALL: There will be two teams (numbers permitting)—an 8/9/10-year-old team and a 10/11/12-year-old team. 

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Questions about All-Stars

If you have questions about All-Stars, scholarships available, etc., please contact: 

Baseball All-Stars Coordinator Jay Bruns—phone: 413-297-9089, e-mail:

Softball All-Stars Coordinator Cindy Tan—phone: 802-343-2155, e-mail: