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St. Bartholomew Athletic Association

Girls Volleyball


Athletic Director: Ben McGraw
Commissioner: Ben McGraw

Girls Volleyball is offered for Grades 3-8. No prior experience is required. Sign-ups are open May 3-10 with evaluations for grades 3-5 and tryouts for grades 6-8 to be held the week of May 22, 2017.  Official practice can begin in August.  See
for details on the entire timeline.


Team Selection

In most cases teams are separated by grade. Occasionally teams have 2 grades blended. The number of teams is based on the number of girls registered. Teams in grades 3-5 are balanced based on skill, positions played, height and knowledge of the game. The SBAA will make as many teams as necessary to maintain playing time consistency and manageability for the coach. In grades 6-8, teams are created by skill level and divided into A and B teams.


For grades with multiple teams – tryouts/evaluations are held around October. There will be one session for grades 3-5 and two sessions each for grades 6-8. Players are required to attend all sessions. Evaluators are used to assess athletes on all skills. Each skill will be rated on a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest). Evaluators are people who are knowledgeable about the game and do not have a familial connection to any athlete. Every attempt is made to have a number of qualified volunteers for this step to have the players placed correctly. After tryouts, the evaluators and the coordinator create the teams and the players are notified by their coaches.


Game Information

There are 10 league scheduled games per season. Some teams will have additional games if they participate in tournaments. The SBAA board pays for each team to participate in two tournaments. Teams are free to participate in more tournaments should they wish at the cost of the parents.


Games are played both during the week in the evenings and on the weekends throughout the day. Usually there is one game scheduled per week in a ten week season. Games are played at home, at the opponent’s school or at an alternate location.


In volleyball, there are matches between teams, consisting of 3 games. All three games are played even if one team wins the first two because in the GCCYS, the season stats are kept by number of games won, not matches. In the 3rd through 6th grade, points are scored when you are the serving team. The first team to achieve 15 points wins, but the game must be won by two points. In the 7th and 8th grades there is rally scoring which means if the team wins the volley it wins the point regardless of whether it served the ball at the start of the volley. The first two games are to 25 points and the third game is to 15 points. All games must be won by two points.


Play Time Regulations

In grades 3-5, for all players who attend practices and games regularly, playing and practice time over the course of the season shall be equal for all players. The SBAA expects that playing time during games be as equal as possible for all players.


In grades 6-8, coaches will balance the needs of the players preparing for high school athletics and of those players using their last opportunity to play for their school team. No player shall ever attend a game and not play at all.


Where A and B teams are operative, playing time shall be one unit of play. A unit of play will be defined as: one quarter (basketball), one game (volleyball), one inning (softball/baseball). Each league may have specific playing guidelines (For example: GCCYS, 3rd grade basketball is 1 continuous quarter). Coaches are to be aware of these guidelines and comply with them. Violations can and may result in a forfeit being declared, by the league and/or SBAA. While a league may not enforce or even monitor playing time requirements during tournaments, playing time guidelines are in effect for SBAA teams during all games, tournaments included.



Practices vary by grade level and coach. Typically one or two practices are held each week. Practices are held Monday through Friday at the KAC.  After school times are between 3pm-9pm. Gym time is given out by grade level and determined by the Athletic Director and the Commissioner. Players are expected to commit to the sport and school team by attending practices on a regular basis.



The archdiocese requires 2 adults to be at every practice. Therefore, we attempt to place 2 coaches per team. The SBAA asks for volunteers from our parent community, the parish community, alumni, etc… Every attempt is made to get the best coaches for every team.


In grades 3-5, parent coaches are permitted to coach any team. In grades 6-8, the A team head coach will not be a parent. B teams may have parents as the coaches. If you are interested in volunteering to coach,  please contact the SBAA at