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Northeast Louisiana Soccer Association

Game Day Jersey Policy

Home v Away and Jersey colors


As you will soon see, the Club has gone to a new uniform system this year so each player will have two jerseys.  One jersey is white and the other is royal blue.  This is being implemented for many different reasons and this model has worked well with other clubs around the state. 

First of all, it is highly recommended to bring both jerseys with you to the game in case there is a conflict for some reason.  It is also a good idea to confirm jersey colors with the other coach you are playing that weekend. 

On the schedule, the games will be listed as follows: 1 v 2

The first team, team 1, is the home team and will wear white jerseys. (home white)

The second team, team 2, is the away team and will wear blue jerseys.  (away blue)  

Thanks, NELSA