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College Athletic Scholarship Statistics

Follow this link to view an informative report on "College Athletic Scholarship Statistics" (as of 2012).

This report contains various tables illustrating data on obtaining a scholarship. It is broken down by sport, the number of available scholarships and the number of schools giving out athletic scholarships. Each table is further categorized by stats including gender, the school's division and the number of applicants for each scholarship.

This link contains 2013 data pertaining to Soccer scholarships. An interesting statistic on this page, shows the chances of a high school athlete competing in college soccer: (Men 8.9% and Women 9.6%).

Why provide this link?
We are providing this information for parents of children who are considering participating in sports at the collegiate level. The Club believes that considering this data will help them make informed choices about their participation in collegiate sports as well as the level of preparation required to compete at the collegiate level.