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Northeast Louisiana Soccer Association

Mission Statement



The mission of NELSA is to create a soccer environment that enables athletes to become total soccer players. The technical and tactical aspects of soccer are taught in an enthusiastic and challenging atmosphere, while enhancing the physical and mental capabilities of the player.




NELSA philosophy is based on the belief that each player should be afforded the opportunity to compete at the highest level that their ability will allow. NELSA believes in player and character development. For NELSA, winning does not come at the cost of sacrificing an individual or team’s ability to grasp the bigger picture or bigger concepts. Winning as a NELSA player is simply one of the results that hard work, commitment, and professionalism produce.

Code of Conduct


I, as a parent, will do everything I can to support my child, other children, club staff, referees and parents in training at the games - through a positive involvement.