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Mac <span class="interior">Flynn</span>

I met Mac when I was five-years-old at a kindergarten roundup for SMASH at Marine Park. Mac's Mom, Sue, was pitching to Mac and I wanted to play with them, and that's how it all began.

Mac and I were in the same class through 4th grade at SMASH.  

We used to play at Mac's house at the beach in Malibu together. One day, we were exploring and found a huge metal chain which we pulled back to Mac's house, but a big German Shepherd chased us, knocked us down in the sand and scratched Mac on the back. Mac said, the dog ate him... Mac and I were scared, but our moms thought it was very funny as we ran up to them on the beach in front of Mac's house!

Mac's first year at Los Amigos (1999) he was on the Cardinals with Coach Albert, a cub scout leader. In 2000, he played for Coach Johnny Greene with me and Adam Padilla and Conner Greene. Coach Johnny had Mac play every position, but primarily pitcher and first base.

In 2001, Mac moved up to the Mustang Division Diamondbacks with Coach Bayard Johnson whose son Colter was also on the team. Mac played everywhere (outfield, second base, pitcher), he was a little guy with the bigger guys. In 2002, just as the baseball season started, Mac got sick. At first, they thought it was tonsillitis, but it was later diagnosed as leukemia.

Mac was a great athlete and he wanted to play baseball so much, but he was so sick that he vomited on the field and still played in full uniform as bat-boy in the dugout.

One day, Mac came to batting practice and Coach Paul Gray pitched to him. Even though Mac was very sick, he hit every pitch! He was a great hitter.

Mac went to Chicago that year for treatment, but he would always look forward to coming back to Los Amigos for the bacon and egg sandwich, that was his favorite. He loved to eat it while watching a game and cheering on his buddies.

In October 2002, Mac was in intensive care in Chicago, and I flew in and spent the night with him at the hospital. Adam Sandler called Mac every day to cheer Mac up. They became pals.  Mac was going to teach Adam how to surf, but he never got the chance.  Mac even had his dog with him in intensive care, a Chihuahua named Panda.

Mac died on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2002.

Mac favorite baseball players were Sammy Sosa and Gary Sheffield. Mac's Mom told me that they had front row seats at Dodger Stadium once and Mac stood on the dugout yelling at Sheffield "Chef Boy Are Dee, Chef Boy Are Dee!!" Sheffield didn't seem to mind…

As told by Miles Feinberg
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