2016 Camps Coming Soon!

2015 Middle and High School Camps

Summer Experience at Lipscomb Academy

Lipscomb Academy is excited to share with you our extensive list of camps and courses for middle and high school age students in our Summer Experience 2015! Whether you are looking to get outdoors, find a hobby, prepare for the the school year, or ignite new passions, the Summer Experience has something for you. Lipscomb Academy teachers have put in time and effort to make our courses and camps enjoyable and enriching. Spend time with friends and make new ones while participating in fun, engaging activities. We know you will find something that suits you.

Scroll down to view a list of our courses and register! On the registration page click "more info" beside any course to find out more about that course.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the Summer Experience at Lipscomb Academy!

2015 Course List

Algebra I Review                                           Ms. Biz – Art Entrepreneur

All School Read 5th and 6th                                 Ms. Biz – Be a Rockstar

Book Nook                                                    Ms. Biz Code Art and Music

Camp Games                                                    Ms. Biz Start a Difference

Reading Comprehension Builder                         Pre-Algebra Review

Creative Writing Workshop                                                   Writing Lab

Let’s Put On a Show                                              Beginning Violin Class

Attacking and Finishing                                    Strings Orchestra Camp

Basketball Fundamental, Guard,                   Beginning Magic Level I

and Post Camps                                                 Advanced Magic Level II

Cheerleading Camp                                                         Service Learning

Volleyball Camp                                          Smoky Mountain Fly-Fishing

Mustang Football Camp

Softball Camp

Speed and Agility

Math Review

Mixed Media Art

Ms. Biz- Be an Entrepreneur


The Weeks of Summer Experience for Middle and High School

To learn more about a camp, click on a week below and then click "More info" beside and individual camp.

We are excited to announce that this year there are no additional fees added to the cost of the camp!*

​​*Some camps do have an extra fee for extended care

**All courses have a $50 cancellation fee.**

Week 1 - May 26th - 29th

Lipscomb Academy Basketball Fundamentals Camp I
Lipscomb Academy Basketball Boys Guard Camp
Lipscomb Academy Basketball Boys Post Camp
Ms. Biz Code Interactive Art and Music Session I

Week 2 - June 1st - 5th

Math Review
Middle School Day Camp
String Orchestra Camp
Summer Reading Club - 5th I
Mixed Media Art

Week 3 - June 8th -12th

Lipscomb Academy Middle School Soccer Camp Girls
Math Review
Lipscomb Academy Quarterbacks and Receivers Camp
Reading Comprehension Builder
Service Learning - Session I
String Orchestra Camp
Summer Reading Club - 5th II
Lipscomb Academy Mustang Football Camp
Ms. Biz Code and Hack Game Controllers

Week 4 - June 15th - 19th

All School Read 5th-6th
All School Read 7th-8th
Algebra I Review
Math Review
Pre-Algebra Review
Lipscomb Academy Basketball Fundamentals Camp II
Lipscomb Academy Basketball Girls Guard Camp
Lipscomb Academy Basketball Girls Post Camp
Lipscomb Academy Speed and Agility Soccer Camp
Lipscomb Academy Youth Soccer Camp
String Orchestra Camp

Week 5 - June 22nd-26th

Advanced Magic Level II
Basic Magic Level I
Lipscomb Academy Middle School Soccer Camp Boys
Algebra I Review
Math Review
Pre-Algebra Review
Service Learning - Session II
String Orchestra Camp
Let's Put On a Show!
Lipscomb Academy Cheerleading Camp

Week 6 - June 29th - July 3rd

Algebra I Review
Creative Writing Workshop
Math Review
Pre-Algebra Review
String Orchestra Camp
Writing Lab

Week 7 - July 6th - 10th

Algebra I Review
Math Review
Middle School Day Camp
Pre-Algebra Review
Ms. Biz Code Interactive Art and Music Session II

Week 8 July 13th - 17th

Algebra Review
Cooking - Keep It Simple
Lipscomb Academy Attacking and Finishing Soccer Camp
Lipscomb Academy Middle School Volleyball Camp
Lipscomb Academy Softball Camp
Math Review
Ms. Biz - Be an Entrepreneur
Pre-Algebra Review

Week 9 - July 20th-24th

Camp Games
Math Review
Study Skills - Session I

Week 10 July 27th-31st

All-School Read Session II 5th-6th
All-School Read Session II 7th-8th
Ms. Biz - Start a Business That Makes a Difference
Smoky Mountain Fly-Fishing
Study Skills - Session II

Week 11 August 3rd-7th
All-Sports Camp AM and PM Sessions