Little League Approved Bat List

The webpage provides a current listing of licensed baseball bats with a 2 1/4 inch maximum diameter that are currently approved for use in the baseball divisions of Little League (Little League [Majors] Division and below).

Little League reserves the right to add to this list or make other changes as new information arises. This list is updated frequently.

The webpage address for this mobile-friendly bat list is:

Little League placed a moratorium on all composite-barreled baseball bats for these divisions, which took effect on Dec. 30, 2010. A list of those composite-barreled bats that have received a waiver of that moratorium is available, at:

This is a list of licensed bats only, not a list of all possible bats that could be used. Provided the bat meets the specification of Rule 1.10 for the division of play, and provided the bat is not subject to the moratorium, it may be used.

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