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Major League Boys Rules

Boys Majors 11-12 rules-2016
The grace period of 15 minutes will be given. Games must start by 6:15pm.

     This league shall be primarily governed by the 2013 NFHS Rule as published with the exception of the following modifications to the existing rules, and or additions of the special new rules, which have been generated and Board approved in the interest of safety, fair play, and more even competition.

  1. Pre/Post game rules:

  • Home team duties and responsibilities (Home team listed first on schedule)

1.    Use of the first base dugout.

2.    Furnish a new game ball.

3.    Keep and report the official score.

4.    Report the official score to league director that evening after game via e-mail or telephone.

5.    Home Team has field to warm up from 5:45-6:00.

 Visiting team duties

1.    Use of third base dugout.

2.    Furnish a good back up ball.

3.    Visiting team has field to warm up from 5:30 to 5:45.

  • Dual Responsibilities

1.    All players and equipment not directly involved in game must remain in dugout. A manager or coach may excuse a player, if necessary providing it does not delay the game.

2.    Batting orders must be exchanged prior to the start of the game.

3.    All teams after each game must clean up the dugout and surrounding area before leaving the fields. 


1. All players must play 4 innings. No player “sits” twice until everyone “sits” once, that team will FORFEIT. Coaches must keep records to show if asked.

2. All players present will bat in a continuous batting order. If a player shows up late, his name goes to the bottom of the batting order.

3. On a 3rd strike called by the umpire which is not caught by the catcher, the batter becomes a runner, providing (1) first base is unoccupied or (2) first base is occupied with two (2) outs. A batter forfeits the opportunity to advance to first when he enters the dugout or any other dead ball area. To put the batter out, the defense must tag the batter or first base before the batter touches first base.

4. The game shall consist of 7 innings and no inning starts after 2 hours. Games that take place during the week, if umpires approve can finish to completion without time limit and tie games can go into extra innings. All playoff games will play until completion.

  • Any inning started before the time limit is up must be completed in its entirety.

  • 5 runs limit per inning/ unlimited runs in the 7th inning.

5. Bat shall not exceed 33” in length, nor 2-1/4IN in diameter and shall have a BPF of 1.15 or less if not made of wood.

6. A runner is out if he does not attempt to avoid malicious contact with the fielder.

7. Pursuant to NFHS rule 4-2-2, if either team is ahead by 10 or more runs after 5 innings have been completed, (4 ½ if home team is ahead) the game shall end. This rule does apply during playoffs. If a team has not pitched an 11 yr old before this occurs, that team will FORFEIT.


1. A first year player with a baseball age of 11 before July 31st must pitch 1 complete inning. A complete inning is 3 outs.

2. A player can pitch a maximum amount of 3 consecutive innings.

3. A coach may come only be allowed 3 visit to the pitcher’s mound per game.

4. A coach who is granted a time out to talk to any defensive player will be charged with a visit to the pitcher.

5. Free defensive substitution.

6. The pitching distance will be 46 feet. Pitchers must pitch from the rubber.

7. The starting pitcher is allowed (8) warm up pitches there first inning. After the first inning the pitchers are allowed (5) warm up pitches.

8. Games cannot be played with less than (8) players, but has to start with (9). If a team is short players they may call up two (2) players from another team in the league, or a 2nd year player from the league below “MINOR”. Any call ups must play in the outfield and bat last in the order.

  • The catcher MUST wear a catcher’s mitt (not a first baseman’s mitt or fielder’s glove) of any shape, size, or weight consistent with protecting the hand. If your team does not have a catcher’s mitt both teams can shear the mitt. If your team does not have a catcher’s mitt contact league director to get one.

 9. With 2 outs a courtesy runner, who shall be the last recorded out, must be used to run for the catcher.

10. Stealing – Base are 60ft.Stealing bases is allowed. Play is live during any attempt on base runner. No lead offs. Runners must remain in contact with the base until the ball crosses home plate.  Penalty: Runner will be sent back to base he left early.

11. No infield fly.

12. There are no continuous walks.

13. This is a game for the kids, make sure they are having fun!

14. If a Coach bullies, yells, argues, intimidates any umpires, coaches, players, or parents will lose their position immediately and will watch their son from the bleachers.

15. If a Coach is kicked out a game by an umpire. The Coach will lose his position effective immediately.

 Try to resolve all potential protests. If a protest cannot be avoided, A Head coach wishing to initiate a protest shall immediately pay the Umpire in charge $25 cash as a protest fee. Additionally, $50 must be paid to the league to have the protest heard. All protests shall follow the official AAA procedure on protests.


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