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Boys Minor Rules

2015 Minor Baseball League Ground Rules

AAA Minor League shall follow NFHS Rules with the following exceptions and amendments, which shall supersede the NFHS rules.  In the case of a conflict, these amendments and exceptions shall be controlling:


·         Continuous batting order has been adopted. Not to exceed 9 batters per ½ inning

·         Free defensive substitution.

·         No player “sits” twice until everyone “sits” once.

·         A player may pitch no more than 3 innings (which must be consecutive) per game, nor more than 4 innings per day in case of double header.  Once removed, a pitcher may not pitch again during the same game.

·         A 1st year player with a baseball age of  9 year player must pitch 1 inning.

·         A pitcher who hits 7 batters in a game shall be removed.

·         Pursuant to NFHS rule 4-2-2, if either team is ahead by 10 or more runs after 4 innings have been completed, (3-1/2 if home team is ahead) the game shall end.  This rule shall not apply in the playoffs.  Teams must pitch a 9 yr old; Games shortened by rain not included.

·         ”Bat around” not to exceed 9 batters per inning

·         No inning shall begin after 2.00 hours past the scheduled start time.

·         A courtesy runner, who shall be the last recorded out, may be used at any time for the catcher when he reaches base.

·         At Least (1) one  Adult shall be in the dugout at all times.

·         Bat shall not exceed 33” in length, nor 2-1/4IN in diameter and shall have a BPF of 1.15 or less if not made of wood.

·         Six innings in a regulation game. If a game is called it is regulation if 3 innings (2.5 if home team is ahead) have been completed. Teams must pitch a 1st year 9 yr old.

·         Runner will be declared out if he slides head first while advancing.

·         Runners must attempt to slide or avoid fielder who has ball and is waiting to make tag.  Avoid collisions.

·         No Balks. 

·         Batter is out on dropped third strike. 

·         Stealing bases is allowed. Play is live during any attempt on base runner. Exception is batter cannot attempt to take 1st base on a dropped or pass ball 3rd strike.

·         No lead offs.  Runners must remain in contact with the base until the ball crosses home plate.  Penalty: Runner will be sent back to base he left early.

·         No infield fly.

·         Resolve all potential protests.  If a protest cannot be avoided, A Head coach wishing to initiate a protest shall immediately pay the Umpire in charge $25 cash as a protest fee.  Additionally, $50 must be paid to the league to have the protest heard.  All protests shall follow the official AAA procedure on protests.  

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